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Tracking Chemtrails Spraying In LA For 61 Days

Some results and observations

April 20, 2013
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

A month ago we posted some simple observations of chemical spraying of the skies in Los Angeles recorded over a period of 31 days and we decided to track the spraying programs over LA for another 30 days

With so many dedicated activists and web projects focused on exposing these geoengineering crimes we wanted to show how easy it is to record your own personal observations and apply basic reason to what you are seeing so that you can encourage others to think on their own. Fact is you don’t need any special degrees to see and understand the existence of these dangerous spraying programs.

Tracking Chemtrails Spraying in Los Angeles Beyond 30 Days (Days 32-61)

At the risk of sounding naïve and overly optimistic I believe it is necessary and important to expose every aspect of the geoengineering ongoing crimes against humanity including whatever details about spraying programs we can observe.

We have observed in the last 61 days in Los Angeles that spraying is not dependent on temperature, humidity or precipitation level; it is not dependent on the day of the week, time of the day or month. Most spraying was observed to start in the late morning then go on all day. The teams that spray work often buy not always at the same approximate height, usually spray in parallel but sometimes need to mark an X in the sky for their purposes.

Here are some more calculations describing the spraying observed.

We can also definitively put to rest all government fabricated fairytales about ‘contrails’ as we were able to observe that all other planes in the sky flying under the exact same conditions as the chemtrails planes did not emit any contrails whatsoever much less ‘incredible hulk’ persistent contrails that change the skies, the weather and the entire climate. There is simply no scientific explanation for this and no one in the scientific community has ever produced a reproducible and scientifically sound demonstration of how contrails can form and persists at warm temperatures (whether dry or humid).

This is one small angle where truth seekers can hang their chemtrails-geoengineering activism hat on. Government trolls don’t have an answer for this so you can expect the usual dodging of the issue and government ‘abstract’ referencing.

We’ll be looking for additional (simple anyone-can-do-it) angles to study this phenomenon and how to find ways of getting more people onboard with this issue which is arguably the greatest crime of all time.

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