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Mass Media Psyop On America?

24/7 Zimmerman Coverage Continues While Tyranny and Fascism Expands

July 18, 2013
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

What? The U.S. government is caught illegally spying on Americans? Illegally handing weapons to militants in Benghazi to overthrow a legitimate sovereign government? Aiding terrorists in Syria? Intimidating and spying on reporters? Blowing up vehicles driven by whistle blower journalists who cry for help and safety from government before they are murdered? U.S. government and police spying on Americans by tracking their license plates? Sounds crazy? Throughout America we recently even had martial law urban drills taking place during the country’s July 4th Independence Day celebration and the media said nothing of it. None of the above issues have warranted mainstream media 24/7 coverage laced with reactions, pundits, experts and analysts rehashing the same story over and over. Even though it is clear to see the historic implications of these stories, the corporate owned mainstream media giants collectively and unanimously ignore or downplay these stories as they wait and look for other select distraction stories to manipulate the public national conversation and collective consciousness.

Overreaction? Conspiracies? Actually, the very term ‘conspiracy theories’ was created by CIA and first used during the JFK murder. Up until then the word ‘conspiracy’ meant exactly what it meant; two or more people CONSPIRING to commit a crime. That is still the meaning of the word today. Thanks to CIA and government however, the term now has additional meanings intended to work at a level outside that of reason and truth. The term is a government propaganda tool. It works quickly and effective on anyone looking to protect their personal belief system from logic, facts or reason. It provides the cognitive shortcut some need to bypass logic, facts and reason. The phrase is impulse related and it works to keep people from the truth about government crimes. Once someone is called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ then whatever they have to say is supposed to be automatically (or magically) put aside, ignored and discounted. For a very long time many of us accepted this tactic as an acceptable way of dealing with unacceptable points of views… until now that is.

With government conspiracies now being exposed in real time and with a widely awakening public the establishment is clearly desperate. The globalist minions and their politicians and media mouthpieces recognized they needed to distract the American public with some kind of local or divisive issue; something to drive the attention of the masses AWAY from the piling national political scandals and at the same time slow down the awakening process. Too many people waking up to the new world order plans and the historic road to tyranny America is on now means they (the globalist perpetrators) have a problem. Why else would General Electric/MSNBC’s own Rachel Maddow risk it all to throw out her now famous “conspiracy theorists” pro-government lunatic April 2013 rants?

Alas, the badly needed distraction is here and it’s the George Zimmerman verdict story. America is consumed in their (CIA- government-media) current psychological operation designed to divide Americans racially and feed into what they hope will be a perfect storm eventually leading to the chaos they need to usher in martial law. Neither Travon Martin nor George Zimmerman were celebrities (OJ), or were filmed being beaten by police (Rodney King). This case does not represent anything unique from a historic standpoint. This case was not stated on record to be viewed by either the court system or the jury as being specifically racially related outside of the usual racial bias many if not most people may have, yet the controlled media continues to beat the drums of racial division almost as if hoping to create a racial issue out of an otherwise ordinary tragic crime. As the media continues to feed the suggestion of race and to cover this story 24/7 you can almost feel their anticipation of violence, and you can almost feel the disappointment from government across the board as they seem to be hoping for more unrest.

With all due respect to the family of Martin who are undoubtedly suffering from this horrible tragedy far more than any of us can understand; my heart goes out to them. Fact is however, there are many sad cases of other Travon Martin type murders that happen every day in America but this case is different to the media mouthpieces because this is an opportunity to stir trouble and unrest in America. This entire Zimmerman trial 24/7 coverage is just another psyop on the American people by the same entities that have manipulated America psychologically many times in the past. They don’t want America to stay focused on the crimes of the current (or previous) administration. This threatens their power and existence. That is why the same six media giants that control almost all the news in America are all on the same page both ignoring the historic crimes of the current empire while sensationalizing an otherwise ordinary tragic crime. This is why pundits at these six corporate networks are calling for Obama to comment nationally on this case as if this is a presidential issue, and this is why these networks are letting you know what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton think about all this.

It’s time to wake up from the constant CIA 24/7 mass brain washing and psychological operations being employed on too many who are still part of the matrix and are affected by these narratives. Let’s find ways of waking up those we come in contact with. Let’s say enough to the mass persuasion, let’s all turn off the mainstream media and acknowledge it for what it is; a mouthpiece for the agenda of the current administration which represent the wishes of those financial elitists who are using these governmental systems for their personal ambitions.

Wake up America, and stay focused on the issues which are historically significant like major attacks on freedom, the Constitution, and the American way. Take a snap shot of history and find your place in it. Open your mind and shake off the primitive lure of media, decide what you believe in and join the fight for freedom, truth, and true democracy by the people. The sooner you wake up the more likely you are to survive whatever they have planned for America.

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