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RT News Admits it: 9/11 Was An Inside Job!

Truth and Art TV offers open apology for earlier criticism, welcomes RT to the truth movement

September 20, 2013
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

RT News now officially admits it; the 9/11 official story does not add up, too many witnesses to explosions, too many scientific irrefutable laws are inconsistent with the official story and too many scientists, scholars and professional architects and engineers have spoken up. The effect of all this evidence? RT news is officially convinced. They agree with the evidence and so do we. And with that, Truth and Art TV wants to offer an official apology to RT news.

We posted an article earlier this year questioning RT’s position on 9/11. Questioning why they call themselves alternative media while ignoring the overwhelming evidence that shows that the September 11th 2001 attack was a preplanned event which involved the controlled demolition of 3 huge NYC skyscrapers among many other things. The concern was that ignoring this size evidence is consistent with typical controlled opposition which is when an entity tells you some of the truth while also mixing it in with lies in order to maintain the overall agenda by way of disinformation and confusion. We no longer feel this way about RT news.

Thank you RT news for putting together an excellent summary of the some of the evidence that proves inside job. The evidence speaks for itself and as I always say, 9/11 Truth is forever. As for Rachel Maddow, the pathetic government puppet mouthpiece for media giant NBC, we’ll keep waiting for the poor woman to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that smacks us all in the face. Frankly I find the Rachel Maddow “it’s all conspiracies” rant a bit surreal and cartoonish at this point in history. It must be awkward putting together a pro-government anti-truth anti-consciousness rant without the benefit of siting one shred of evidence. Perhaps this is why the alternative media, like RT News, is growing while the mainstream media is dying.

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