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9/11 Truth Censorship: The Great Mystery

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Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

The story of September 11th 2001 is packed with odd coincidences, improbable claims and no shortage of mysteries. 10 years after the event however, the deepest mystery surrounding 9/11 is arguably the broad, world-wide, transcontinental censorship of 9/11 truth by the established mass mainstream media and the unanimous decision they made to carry on with the official story myth even as qualified scholars, scientists and professionals debunk the official story as unscientific. The perpetual commitment to defy the scientific method, reason, critical thinking, logic and ethics is the deepest mystery of all. At some point a decision was made to mock the scholars whose very careers have been guided by these principles; an actual takeover of the science.

President Obama had spoken in his campaign about restoring the science; clearly someone in the speech-writing department was cognitive of this problem then. Consider how difficult it would have been for the perpetrators to hide many of the details and coincidences we know about 9/11, had the media done its job and asked the tough questions. Consider how different the aftermath of this event would have been if we had large scale media watchdogs in the front line at the time, who value truth over money and power.

What if a major network had reported the facts of the science of 9/11? What kind of world would this be? Would we be where we are now? Instead the mainstream media has left an irremovable thorn in our sides, a negative imprint on our generation’s consciousness that astounds the imagination; an endless uphill battle of information that will consume generations with fallacious beliefs, like a valiant attempt at inducing a second Dark Age. Time will heal this wound and history will expose the genesis of this mass global and multi-generational deception and will hopefully teach us how to not let it happen again.

For now we are left with an unsolved mystery and one highly probable and reasonable explanation is that the media at some point was bought out; but for how much? Should we look for this reward trail? Was the 2.3 Trillion stolen at the Pentagon part of the payout to the major news corporations? Hopefully some day the details will come out but for now we are left with a seemingly timeless enigmatic conundrum revolving within a confined period of time; an ignored and unattended crime.

Until the mystery is unraveled let’s mount a strategy for fighting back. Let’s be mindful of what criteria we apply for determination of truth. Let’s turn back the clocks in science to the times before computers when every tiny factor mattered. One had to meticulously prove one’s scientific claims in order to gain recognition for your work. Employing this standard for truth we will correct all historic claims regarding 9/11. AE9/11 Truth has been a major pioneer of this historic effort and though much is yet to be done, we can be sure the process will complete itself.

Fighting Back With Simplicity

We must restore, uphold and promote the standard of ‘proof’ at an international level and show it to the world. This is a question of science; like a lion roaring, the scientific community should bring this issue forward to silence the censors and empower its credibility globally. Why not consider a TV commercial a rally or a billboard advertising just the ‘scientific method’ and how important it is?

The need is greater than ever to return to the ABC's of truth, science and the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to avoid a 'Scientific Dictatorship'

Concomitantly, what if every 9/11 debate was PRE-ceded by a ‘Definitions’ intro for the audience. Before going into any debate we would need to convey to listeners that, since the ‘Scientific Method’ is the only useable guideline that we can reference for guiding this type of debate (not computer model science or a radio host), we need a short period to lay out the ground rules. If the censorship agents object to this, let it be noted. If they agree then let them state for the record just how their (computer model) claims abide by the scientific method. Challenging the mass media 9/11 censors to satisfying an obligatory standard outline of ‘Scientific Method Criteria’ would be the pre-requisite to following through with the “debate”. Sounds ridiculous? Imagine 9/11 Truth debates getting cancelled one after another to prove the point that one can only argue science with science and science does have a set of rules.

"The last thing the 9/11 censors want is for listeners to focus and acknowledge that there is an actual set of rules that must be adhered to that could jeopardize the credibility of all their claims."

This offers the listener some standardized set of rules by which to characterize all claims and it forces the 9/11 censors to have to circumvent yet another issue thus exposing further their unscientific methods. The last thing the 9/11 censors want is for listeners to focus and acknowledge that there is an actual set of rules that must be adhered to that could jeopardize the credibility of all their claims. Exposing this departure from the scientific method will help solidify and appropriately characterize the mass media’s historic role in this troubled point in our history. Their role will be acknowledged as one of corrupt disinformation outlets; designed to dumb down the human race and enslave it into submission to government.

This war of information is nothing short of a psychological battle for your mind. Where will people ultimately put their trust in and who will they honor; the science or their government and their claims? Will they succumb to the fear of government or will their understanding and respect of the science help them break through the fear? Ultimately the science will prevail, yet we strive to bring about critical mass expeditiously. Until then, we fight this perpetual battle of disinformation. Thankfully history teaches that the time eventually comes to replace the entity committed to this course.

As the mainstream media loses more and more credibility and the science is restored lets remember that this process started with a workable government that had interest in truth, justice and individual inalienable rights. The process of corruption is horrific yet it seems unavoidable and cyclic and I believe the time will come to replace this system and start over. Till then, with the help of truth seekers all around the world we will take note of their actions and categorize the historic record the mainstream media leaves behind. Perhaps and hopefully before too long in doing so, we will even if only partially, solve the greatest mystery of 9/11

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