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10 Things You Can Do to Fight Tyranny:

Contributed by
Bernie Suarez

1. Boycott all airlines until they abolish TSA. Cancel any reservations you have now and tell your airline that you cannot support entities that support fascism.

2. Stop watching TV and cancel your cable TV subscription. Tell your local cable provider that you donít support entities that support fascism, propaganda and lies.

3. Take your money out of the big banks that took bailout money and are too big to fail, and instead put it in a local bank or credit union

4. Remind police officers, military and firefighters of the oath they all took to defend the constitution of the United State NOT the wishes of the globalists and central bankers.

5. Seek out alternative news and information and stay informed on local and global current events

6. Share your knowledge with other people in your life; both family and friends

7. Become active writing letters and/or making calls to your elected officials and demands answers to all the injustices we see today. Give yourself a voice

8. Vote the corrupt politicians out of office and demand accountability from those elected, realize that the right-left paradigm is a globalist scheme to control us and give us the perception of choice

9. Carefully review the information outlined in your childrens educational programs and point out to your kids the lies inserted into the text books. Point out to your kids the 'big-sister' attitude the schools are inserting into their minds. Remind them that their first obligation is to honor their parents not government. Make them aware of this fascist agenda being carried out by schools and make sure they report to you everything that is said in class. Emphasize the importance of honesty between kids and their parents and implement your own 'see something say something' agreement between you and your kids

10. Be the change that you want to see in the world. Reach out to those in need, look to form survival groups to barter for survival with, eat healthy, store water and grow your own food then share this knowledge with others.

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

Mohandas Gandhi

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