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Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

The 800 pound guerilla in the room in our Orwellian society is the controlled mainstream media establishment made up of primarily 6 corporations- GE, Westinghouse, Viacom, Disney, Time Warner and News Corp. Together these 6 companies control almost everything that we see and hear in terms of news and entertainment

A decade after 9/11, the Truth Movement is stronger than ever, but let’s consider that the only reason the Truth Movement exists is because the mainstream media long ago failed to do their job and today is loyal to the globalist agenda and is committed to censoring all their crimes at any cost. This agreement to not be critical of our government masters is evident as our media tolerates state crimes and has become an active machinery of lies to prevent any truth from becoming public. The concept of a deceptive news media to propagate government agendas is nothing new however. This is what governments do. Refer to the excellent documentary ‘The Century of the Self’ a powerful documentary which discusses the work of Edward Bernays and the history of mass mind control in the United States.

"The concept of a deceptive news media to propagate government agendas is nothing new however"

In our modern day corporate corrupt society the MSM is also just another client doing business with everyone. A lot of money changes hand for every commercial you see on TV and the only principles they seem to abide by are loyalty to client, politics and money. That means if coverage of a story is not in their clients interest then that story will not be covered. . This is a very simplified concept that any child can understand.

In order to conceal state crimes the perpetrators (corrupt government-corporate entities) work well with their mouthpieces (the mainstream media) in a diabolical dance called ‘plausible deniability’ where blame for anything can be easily shifted from one entity to another constantly eluding the real culprits behind state crimes and exposing the accomplices or even the innocent to being blamed as the primary perpetrators. The possibilities of how this evil Perpetrator-Mouthpiece Complex (PMC) can be used are mind boggling.

Now let’s consider how the PMC has worked to make concealing of state crimes that much easier.

"One of the successes of the Scientific Dictatorship is the assumption that most Americans are not experts at science and are thus easily willing to defer scientific judgement to whatever is being said on TV."


A. Science – Many call it a Scientific Dictatorship because they have resorted to using computer model pseudo-science to make scientific claims for the purposes of a political agenda. Such claims need no scientific proof as required by the Scientific Method, instead they pass laws that allow them to conceal real scientific results, data and actual experiments done to come to these "scientific" conclusions. One of the successes of the Scientific Dictatorship is the assumption that most Americans are not experts at science and are thus easily willing to defer scientific judgement to whatever is being said on TV. The new ‘computer model’ science introduced by the US government to insert any agenda into the history books, the use of statistics, alternative models, ‘possibility’ models and broad use of improbable hypothesis and there is no way that they can not succeed for a good while to suppress truth. This scientific dictatorship was a must to pull off their agenda.

B. Pyramid of Power- This refers to not only the “people at the bottom take the blame for the people at the top” phenomenon but also includes the: “We committed the crime so we’ll appoint our own people to investigate it” phenomenon. Then there’s the: “Since we haven’t admitted to it then you have to PROVE that we did it” phenomenon. And the: “What I say is true, if you don’t believe me you are a fool” phenomenon where the ‘fool’ is replaced by ‘conspiracy theorists’

Let’s not underestimate the POWER of the word ‘conspiracy’ it has a powerful chemical effect on the brain intended to invoke a reaction in you. They spent years showing you “X-Files” on TV for that reason. A show who’s purpose was to fictionalize the concept of ‘corrupt government’ --- and for good measure they added a subliminal twist – ‘If you believe in government corruption, that is so ridiculous it’s right up there with believing in aliens’ Thus they internalized in millions of Americans this subconscious association. I have shared this simple truth with many people and see them light up after thinking about this. Yeah amazing huh?

X-Files aired on Fox for almost 10 years prior to 9/11. A show which lay the ground work for the 'conspiracy theory' fictionalization of government corruption and state crimes. This was by design.

Today most people will readily acknowledge the importance of knowing how to use a computer yet no one talks about the importance of knowing what makes us behave and think in a certain way. Marketing companies and media outlets KNOW this and they get paid to sway, heavily influence and even control the way you think.

Behavior is a funny thing, everyone wants to control it. The Government, the Church, the Schools, the Media, even the Corporations. With so much thirst for control and such a battle for our minds, is it any wonder that you never hear about this? (Knowledge of what makes us behave and think in a certain way) That’s because they don’t want anyone analyzing behavior and they don’t want anyone thinking and behaving for themselves. The state prefers it be the only one involved in this endeavor and keep the masses dumbed-down.

Beware how they attempt to complicate or over-intellectualize everything, because where there is complication there is confusion. If they can turn a ‘yes-no’ issue into a ‘loaded controversial issue with many different angles’ they’ve done their job. And this, I suggest, is very easy to do and is one of the center points of their strategy to keep people dumbed-down. No corrupt government wants people that understand things in a simple an easy manner. Everything is presented by our ‘perpetrator mouthpiece complex’ as complex, so complex you need them to explain it to you and no one else. This is a major tactic exposed.

So what is the state and mainstream media hiding and what is the globalist agenda? The simple end goal, is a New World Order run by a few individuals beyond the law, this is their final goal. We see evidence of the shadow government now only they want to control the entire world in a one world government that controls all the resources and suppresses the will of the people. This is simple and easy to observe. The big 6 companies that control the mainstream media are on board with this plan and have sworn to keeping with the plan to the bitter end. They care not about anyone’s culture, human rights, the middle and lower class, dignity, honesty, justice or even morality and religion; they only care about the plan they have in place. Without understanding this plan one cannot understand the impetus of this article. Do your own research and follow up on this idea. The time has come for us to take a stand against this disinformation machine that wishes to own everything on the planet including our great grandildren for centuries to come. As a human race we’ve been down this road of tyranny and quest for world domination before. Let’s take a page from history and find that magic within each of us to fight this machine and force our positive influence on the world around us. Seek knowledge, think on your own and refuse to accept their lies. Free your mind and fight for freedom, democracy, liberty and justice so that future generations and pursue life liberty and happiness as our founding fathers wanted. The time is now to awaken. Please share this article with someone and do your part to be the change you want to see in the world. Remember, the truth will NOT be televised.

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