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A Sample 9/11 Letter to the Editor

Archives 2012
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Dear Editor,

“They actually passed a new law that gives us (NIST) the authority, a more comprehensive authority to carry out this kind of building and fire safety investigation”

This is a quote from S. Shyam Sunder of National Institute of Standards and Technology regarding its private data and investigation of the destruction of the WTC towers on 9/11. Putting Mr. Sunder’s statement in perspective, this is an admission that NIST gave itself the permission to violate the basic principles of the Scientific Method! Unfortunately for Mr. Sunder and NIST, in science one cannot just declare that one’s scientific results don’t need to abide by the Scientific Method. This striking reality has allowed the cover-up of arguably the greatest crime scene on American soil.

Here we are, ten years after 9/11 and the thing that astounds me the most is the decision that the mass media and politicians made to collectively ignore, down-play, obscure and even demonize the most basic scientific reproducible evidence that shows that 3 WTC towers were destroyed by controlled demolition; choosing to side instead with NIST’s computer model analysis that is not based on reproducible science but on secret computer model data.

The destruction of WTC 1, 2 and 7 (not hit by a plane) shows in every case: sudden, symmetric, sequential, rapid and freefall destruction of all 3 towers with superheated temperatures confirmed with physical, instrumental, photographic and even testimonial evidence.

The evidence that irrefutably disproves the Official story has mounted ‘Like a Mountain’ 10 years later yet the majority of the media continues to ignore it. Please take a stand and consider the evidence that over 1500 Architects and Engineers firmly stand behind. Go to and review the evidence for yourself. The experts have spoken!

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