Truth and Art TV Article

Are We Living in Gotham City?

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Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

It occurred to me one day watching the unusual pink-blue sunset after a day of watching our skies sprayed with illegal cloud seeding chemicals (aka chemtrails)  that we’ve come to a point in history that resembles Batman’s Gotham City.

Let's compare our modern-day-world-of-lies to 'Gotham City':

Both are fictional worlds where people simultaneously respond to what they see on TV. Ordinary people are portrayed as defenseless, meaningless and expendable. Villains portrayed as smarter than everyone and one step ahead of the world around them.

The Bush administration convicted Bin Laden using only Riddler-like sketchy video messages, totally ignoring and even aggressively blocking or withholding evidence; then simply making up their own science and making scientific claims without any need to show high probability proven scientific evidence.

In this Gotham-City-like world anything goes and that includes science and reason. The Truth Movement is however the unexpected interruption in the global elite’s New World Order plans. It is the wake up tool of our modern era that will bring full restoration of human dignity, human rights, our Constitution, our Republic, accountability and the turn of a new page in our human history.  Think of the Truth Movement as the other New World Order (ONWO)

"The Bush administration convicted Bin Laden using only Riddler-like sketchy video messages, totally ignoring and even aggressively blocking and withholding evidence"

As in the dark city of Gotham City there is a need for truth, justice, accountability and a restoration of order. There is a need for a new sunrise and a chance for us to prove to ourselves that YES WE CAN become determined about pursuing Truth and accountability from our elected officials all the way up to the top of the pyramid.

Justice is not a respecter of persons and applies to all people, even the ones with lots of money. A big part of the wake up process is finally turning off the controlled mainstream media propaganda machine and educating oneself with information available through the numerous sources of alternative media and everywhere else. With respect to exposing elite criminals that make up our shadow government one cannot expect THEIR mouth piece to expose their own bosses. Thus it is up to us to help pull everyone’s mind out of the gutter of propaganda and Gotham City like pseudo-science and stand for truth and reason. Let us not return back to the dark ages. Take this moment in time and do your part to propel us into the next level of consciousness that awaits the human experience. Behold the era of consciousness and accountability! Let’s aim for ‘GOT THEM’ city instead.

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