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The 9/11-Style Flight 370 Disappearance: Not the Only Thing That Has Disappeared

How the media's obligation to pursue truth has completely faded away

March 31, 2014
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Three weeks after the hijacking of flight MH370, the Malaysian airliner which took off for China from Malaysia and disappeared at 1:20 AM on Saturday March 8th 2014, the U.S. military and the Pentagon is now in full control of the narrative and the mainstream media is acting as the receiver of the information as if it were at home watching TV while eating popcorn. The government will tell the media what the truth about the plane is and the media quietly and obediently will report whatever the government says back to the TV watchers. Without realizing it, the actual process of critical thinking and hard, true, genuine, investigative journalism has been completely eliminated from the picture leaving only a master-slave relationship between government and mainstream media. This is the information war, information-controlled world we now live in. Sounds ridiculous? Don’t believe it? Look at the recent investigative trail now leading back to the company ‘Freescale Semiconductor’ owned by Jacob Rothschild who now stands to be 100% shareholder of a sought after, advanced, versatile so-called “gem” technology which involved super-small micro controllers which can be used with military weapons, planes as well as other day to day electronic items. With the elimination of the passengers of the planes which included allegedly 4 of the 5 patent holders of this technology, that leaves Jacob Rothschild’s Freescale Semiconductor as the only patent holder for this technology which is said to be priceless.

Within days Chris Caesar of the Boston Globe/ had already spun together an article indirectly implying that any suggestions regarding the missing plane which does not fall in line with the narrative established by the mainstream media is a “conspiracy theory”. This was just days after the plane disappeared. I personally confronted Mr. Caesar about his irresponsible behavior as a so-called journalist and the importance to apply Occam’s Razor which states that the simplest explanation is the mostly likely to explain the situation. I explained that since the U.S. military and certain private companies working with the U.S. military, and a few others (Israel), have the technology for remote controlled plane takeover and had it well before 9/11, the simplest explanation is that they are at it again. I also reminded him that as a journalist, it is his responsibility to consider all scenarios and follow the truth wherever it leads. I reminded him that if he is willing to mock truth seekers as a journalist, then who is left to defend truth? I reminded him of how they did exactly the same on 9/11/01 and how the media has ignored all the facts about the plane takeovers on that day. He rejected my argument with a few words. “I just think you are simply wrong here.”

Mr. Caesar is not the only one not willing to look at the known facts. Now that more controversial facts are emerging regarding this story, the mainstream media coverage of MH370 has been progressively fading and disappearing the same way the plane disappeared. One would think that the mainstream media coverage would intensify now that we have connections linking a suspect which can easily be connected by the process of investigating who had the means, the motive and the opportunity to commit this crime. This would seem elementary in any other crime scene except that is, when government is involved and when full control of hi tech shares are transferred to the globalists. Aside from government false flags and operations, I do believe this is still the standard for investigating crimes, though you wouldn’t know it by following this story.

This is the same mainstream media who has for over 12 years ignored the 9/11 remote control takeover cover-up of 4 planes on 9/11 and the links back to Dov Zhacheim CEO of Systems Planning Corporation which patented the technology for remote takeover of planes well before 9/11 prompting an entire premier episode of producer Chris Carter’s ‘The Lone Gunman’ to focus on this issue back on March 4th 2001. Zhacheim, of course, was also Bush’s comptroller of the Pentagon at the time, in charge of the budget where admittedly 2.3 trillion dollars was reported missing on September 10th 2001. (Incidentally the office where the investigation to the missing money at Zhacheim’s Pentagon was located conveniently where the hole in the Pentagon was left)

Let us not be fooled by these plane-hijacking globalists who are now the sole owners of this technology. Speaking of Israel, it’s now reported the Israeli government is harboring a plane in Tel Aviv that looks exactly like the Boeing 777 jumbo jet flight 370. Isn’t that a little suspicious? And why is the mainstream media not covering this? Why are they not covering the links back to the patent ownership, Freescale Semiconductor, and Jacob Rothschild?

In the article from a year ago, ‘The Art of Catching Government False Flags in Real Time’ --- We discussed that these false flag events have patterns to them. More so, we focused on how you can develop the cognitive skill to catch the lie in real time. Here is a review of the steps outlined in the article with additional comments in parentheses:

  1. Clear your mind: (from all preconceived notions and mainstream media-government suggestions)
  2. Understand the stakes at hand: (in this case sole ownership of a hi-tech micro technology)
  3. Arm your mind with facts and reason: (Cells phones were still emitting signals days later, plane knowingly headed west confirmed by ping signals, non-Rothschild majority patent owners of critically sought for technology on plane, black boxes are indestructible yet these black boxes (like the 9/11 black boxes) don’t work, modern planes designed to be located under essentially all circumstances but not in this case)
  4. Search pin down and recognize the beneficiaries: (It would greatly benefit the Rothschild family to have sole ownership of this technology without China’s personnel owning most of it).
  5. Analyze the event and look for common trends: (Mainstream media lack of coverage and true journalism ignoring what we know about who was on board, the patent, the history of plane remote controlled technology, the connections back to Jacob Rothschild; Also government and Pentagon slow and sketchy reaction and statements controlling the narrative, government claiming ignorance and lack of knowledge of plane flight whereabouts (think 9/11)
  6. Convince yourself and look for the evidence: (Think completely on your own which is extension of step one)
  7. Observe how media and control system cement their lies: (By eventually picking one story and dismissing even marginalizing all other suggestions as conspiracies. Down the road they’ll probably make a movie to reinforce their version of the ending)

Will this 9/11 style plane theft hijacking and likely mass murder ever get the full attention it needs? Or will it go under the file with names like Michael Hastings, Barry Jennings, Michael Connell and many others who have perished under extremely suspicious circumstances. Will a true criminal investigation ever be allowed to take place in a scenario where the missing plane has been escalated into a global event with political implications? In this unlikely scenario, who would act as judge and jury? Under what law? Who will vindicate the dead? Who would prosecute a Jacob Rothschild for potential murder?

Like with 9/11 and all other false flags, the mainstream media is a slave and a servant to whatever the criminal elite want to put out regarding this plane. They prefer to keep it a mystery, like that people will eventually look to mainstream media to solve the problem that they themselves feel hopeless to solve or investigate for themselves. This gives so-called journalists like Chris Caesar and the other mainstream media establishments the control and the power to create the reality they are told to create by governments involved. This is the state of our information war which has become more a process of entertainment, propaganda and marketing than actual journalism and investigation.

I close with this thought: If the U.S. military (with or without their Israeli partners) took over this plane or was involved in the operation in any way shape or form (which is extremely plausible), how would we ever find out if the media has already sanctioned the Pentagon as the spokesperson, primary investigator, judge, jury and executioner in full control of the investigation? Also who put them in charge? Welcome to the New World Order.

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