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Patriot Citizens Halt New World Order In Historic Stand-Down

April 14, 2014
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

A generation which had become awakened minus the core political following of the current establishment as well as the immeasurable percent of individuals who had chosen to focus their attention away from the horrific reality, a phenomenon many referred to as cognitive dissonance. The energy of fear that the establishment had put forth as a primary deterrent to awakening and action had begun to dissolve. Voices were heard around the world, of people making it known that they were no longer afraid of death. One spoke loudly on a radio show explaining 'you cannot kill the idea' (of freedom). The flames of freedom had begun to burn a little brighter.

Meanwhile in Clark County Nevada, a family finds themselves the target of the next federal gangster takeover. Federal thugs surround the home of the Cliven Bundy cattle range. They show up in a long convoy, with full body armor, automatic weapons and assault rifles. In a full militarized display of power the thugs take on demonstrators, beating and tasering them. Helicopters flying over the ranch to intimidate and round up the cattle. Cell phone towers shut down to cut off communication to the outside world making it more difficult for protestors to communicate with others. The mainstream media, under the full control of the system, not having yet been given a script for the show, would peddle slowly into this story. Within a few days the media settles on a narrative, quickly demonizing Bundy and the supporters as dangerous, "domestic terrorists", radical, law breakers resisting orders from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Who was BLM? Another "federal" organization which had given themselves the power and the right to steal anyone's land if they felt it fit. Even if it meant storming out of a court room weeks earlier defiantly declaring they had the right and jurisdiction over the land that they don't own. This time, in addition to their full arsenal they would hire contract cowboys to illegally round up (steal) the Bundy cattle to be sold for profit or killed.

Amazingly, the story fed to the public would attribute this violence against an American citizen and ranch owner as a mission to save tortoises. This decision had been made apparently by certain figures (including Harry Reid and his son Roy) who would be found to have direct links to this bullying as it related to a 5 billion dollar land deal with the Chinese. This was the scenario they planned, since it had worked in their bullying tactics against other farmers in the region. This time however, the man they chose to bully would not back down. Faster than the mainstream media could dig in to control the narrative, freedom lovers from all over the country would gather to support the Bundy family and stand up for America and freedom. By the end of the week, the feeling intensified on both sides as everyone wondered if this scenario at the Bundy cattle ranch would become a historic (shot heard round the world) moment.

Then it happened. Despite the violence and the BLM federal thugs threats of legally shooting and killing everyone, the people did not back down, the people stood strong. As freedom lovers all around the world waited, and as the mainstream media coward into their corner, the flames of freedom would be felt at the Bundy ranch on this day. Yes, a blast of spirit would blow by and be felt by freedom lovers tuned in to the story around the world. A desperate mainstream media would hardly get the story out, repeating the staged tortoise story, painting BLM as legitimate and the protestors as dangerous. Claiming that only for "safety" reasons, the BLM backed down. No mention had been made of the historic implications of what had just happened. That part (the BLM back down) of the mainstream media story was true. The federal thugs were forced to back down, pack up and leave the Bundy ranch. They agree to release the stolen cattle and close off their illegal check points.

A critical moment in history had just come and gone. As it was happening and before it culminated, some compared this moment to the Tiananmen Square incident of 1989, others to the Boston Massacre. Would the federal bullies kill the people in broad daylight? Or would the will and courage of the people prevail? Before it was over the thugs would leave and the cattle would be returned. Who would have thought this could happen in America? These would mark the signs of our times as the new world order thugs would continue their assault on America and freedom. Those paying attention would acknowledge the significance of this event while others completely asleep in the matrix of mainstream media lies would not even know this happened. Such was the case as documented by the freedom chronicles of the times. The depth of the information war would be demonstrated in this story. For the federal hired (non law enforcement) thugs and those who hire them, this would be a lesson learned in how not to implement tyranny. For we-the-people, the Bundy family and for America, this would be a victory to cheer about. In times of corrupt government oppression, this would be a welcomed refreshing moment. The site of BLM "agents" retreating would be recorded for the history books. The fear of what the federal hired "agents" might do next however, would linger in the minds of the victors. The reality sunk in deeper, the new world order was here to stay.

The pivotal historic moment would be shared with friends and family. The mainstream media would sweep the true meaning of the story under the rug and regroup for the next attack (story). The worrisome feeling of what they might do next would tug at all freedom lovers, as would the feeling of the obligation to do something about freedom. This small event had triggered another wave of awakening on the road to freedom in America. The freedom so many dreamed of when they thought of America growing up. The now ridiculous idea that we could have responsible politicians and a system of laws that worked hand in hand with natural laws and morality, had been given another day to live. The spirit of freedom that had been dwindling to a tiny candle light felt good and was worth fighting for.

Flashing back to the massacre of Tiananmen Square, let's remember that to this day no one really knows who the 'Tank Man' was. His personal identity will likely be unknown forever, but his actions that day are known forever and is carved into our human consciousness forever. The force that drove the tank man to do what he did is the same spirit that was seen at the Bundy ranch.

Somewhere someone wrote about this stand down realizing the importance of it. In his writings he thanked those who passionately covered this story, and he thanked Cliven Bundy for having the courage to stand for freedom. He also thanked the Bundy supporters for acting like the tank man at Tiananmen Square and having the courage and conviction to follow through with their actions. It's great to know, he wrote, that there are real men of courage and conviction still alive amongst us. It's been said the writer took a moment of thought, he then put his pen down and gave them a moment of silence and respect for what had happened. Interestingly, over a hundred years later, historians would debate whether this small stand-down marked the official beginning of the second American revolution. Many would disagree, some arguing the revolution started before and some arguing it was after this event. All agree it was an important event on many levels in the fight for freedom in America back then.

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