Truth and Art TV Article

Is "Police Brutality" Evolving Into a Holocaust?

June 21, 2014
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

As always, the bad police officers tarnish the reputation of the good cops and thus what I'm about to discuss should disturb good police even more. We need solutions and what better place to start than inside the police. For now we have to all bear the burden of the horrific explosion of police brutality throughout America and the staggering rise in murders and Nazi style 'no-knock' raids leading to the brutalization and murder of many innocent victims. With recorded police brutality and murder of innocent civilians at an all time high in America, the now worsening police brutality may now be historically viewed as a holocaust. Sound ridiculous? Or perhaps an exaggeration of facts? Actually not at all.

This new holocaust that is unfolding on a mass scale nationwide is permanently shattering the illusion that many people used to have that police were good guys that cared about you and your safety. As I said, no, not every single cop is bad, this is about the overall number of incidences, injustices, and killing of innocent civilians with impunity we are seeing nationwide.

According to U.S. Dept of Justice between 400-500 innocent civilians are murdered by police every year. And police records suggest that between 500 and 1000 American civilians are murdered by police every year. Obtaining statistics about police murders from the police themselves has proven to be difficult since police are not obligated to report these incidences. Thus the "recorded" brutality and murders are at an all time high, but how much higher the actual numbers are, we may never know due to this uncooperativeness and secrecy.

Some of the disturbing ironies surrounding this issue is the culture of impunity that exists. As police perpetrated homicides rise, police convictions remain essentially zero. Rarely do police ever face criminal charges or for that matter punishment of any kind for the murders they are committing often in broad daylight. Why have Swat team raids shot up from 300 per year back in the 1980's to over 50,000 per year reported in 2012? These numbers indicate the now too common no-knock raids are becoming the norm in America. This leaves many of us wondering how this could be.

One explanation is TV shows which have completely desensitized Americans into feeling empathetic with the police. Like rooting for your favorite team, TV watchers become accustomed to viewing raids from the police point of view. Try counting how many shows on TV are based on the theme of truth, freedom or about we the people. On the other hand, here's a frighteningly long list of Police-based TV shows in America. The length of this list should be very disturbing to anyone. Without question there is a systematic plan in place to sell the police paradigm to the American public so that they will be more tolerant and obedient to the now extremely violent police state. 

So let's review. A nation drowning in police TV shows which all sanctify the police paradigm, justify all police actions, and make young adults want to become police. Then we have record police perpetrated murders essentially all going unpunished. With the increase in police violence we are also seeing persecution and prosecution of those who openly monitor police brutality. Then there is the police militarization which has been ongoing since 1994 and more recently disguised as the "Military Excess Property program"  or 1033 Program which authorizes the pentagon to give away military equipment to local and state police. And as mentioned, then there are the deadly no-knock swat team raids which are now an epidemic and still no one is hardly talking about it. So what, you might say, can it be any worse? Actually, yes it can.  

First, holocaust by definition means: "any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life"- and the accelerated police perpetrated murders is now a mass slaughter and indeed a reckless destruction of life so it is fair to say we are now in a new kind of holocaust and here's why.

With police presence and sheer size growing at uncontrollable rates and with the billions of dollars now pumping in from the Pentagon to militarize the police only one thing is left for the red dawn scenario to come to full fruition. Control, the feds need control. So you might ask, are they doing anything to create the control over the local police? This is where it gets more interesting. Enter the application of Hegelian dialectic- Problem Reaction Solution. We've all heard it before, and this is how it goes: Local police murder someone or are eventually caught in misconduct, the department of justice "evaluates" the situation, then instead of firing or punishing the officers involved they offer their "solution". Federal government enforced "Consent decree" now mandates that the federal government controls local police guidelines and local police have to abide by these (federal) guidelines, or else.

In this recent story, CNN acknowledges the new 800 pound guerilla in the room, that is police perpetrated killing without consequences. Note at the end of the report "consent decree" is cited as one of the solutions to be implemented because of this horrible incident. So while this police brutality holocaust unfolds (the "problem"), we are now getting the "reaction" and the "solution" is more federalization of police. This is a neat trick and they are pulling it off in broad daylight.

For those who agree that the federal government should step in and regulate the local police, I beg to differ. Having a top down control from the federal government is a blueprint for tyranny. The globalist already have their global "civilian police" officers who work all around the globe reinforcing globalist control. The federalization of police is just to have the local police mission line up with the mission of the globalists, not the mission of the local community. The federal government should not be involved at the local level. Power must be properly returned to the people in order to prevent the cancer of tyranny from spreading.
While most of us do nothing about this issue, keep in mind that the globalists are working hard to make your local police their own property. Consent decree works hand in hand with the 1033 program-- We give you your free weapons and equipment and then we'll tell you what to do.-- This one sided agreement almost encourages the feds to create police brutality scenarios (problem), even push them to the point of atrocities just so they can come in with their "solution". The federal government should not be involved controlling things at the local police level. The role of police behavior watchdog should and can easily occur at the state and local level. The local legislators, the local community members and organizations at the local level can and should be appointed to ensure police policies are upheld and that police are held accountable for their crimes. Yes there are organization who do this now but do you trust these organizations including the ACLU to stop the current police violence holocaust? The justice department could more effectively address this issue with firm processes for ensuring that civilian cases against police are heard and that police are punished for not cooperating with investigations. It may also be effective to implement harsh penalties for any police officer who tries to hide or for that matter create or falsify evidence. The problem here of course is expecting government to police itself while it polices everyone else.

The very same legal system that is looking the other way in police perpetrated murders and crimes is the same system which instead wants federal control as the solution. The scary thing is that if we don't address this now, the problem will only get worse and worse. The truth is that this police brutality holocaust shows no signs of improvement with mainstream media propaganda now targeting truth seekers, freedom lover and patriots. The murder rates, physical abuses, tasering incidents, and downright brutality and cold blooded murder of people and their pets is only going to get worse and worse unless something dramatically different happens soon.

The fact of the matter is police are being carefully chosen before being commissioned. This selection process involves filling out personality profiles and questionnaires which cadets are told is required so that a carefully constructed personality profile can be created for each cadet. The most popular personality test given is the "Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory' or MMPI. The MMPI is designed to identify among other disorders, those who have a tendency toward psychopath. Consider this, what if the MMPI is being administered not to identify psychopath individuals in order to remove them, but to actually FIND these psychopaths and insert them into the ranks?

Fact of the matter is police are a culture of obedient zombies who are now controlled and monitored by the feds. Local police brutality and criminal behavior is now proving a gold mine for those interested in federalizing the police. And now we are witnessing an ever growing holocaust of American innocent civilians who are being murdered at record rates with few officers if any charged with murder.

And if that isn't enough, local police are getting their hands on many toys which are being given away free while others are being purchased. More disturbing, these toys being given to local police are making it easier and easier to impose fascism and tyranny. As this problem gets greater and greater, TV watchers will continue to think the psychopathic levels of police glorification we are witnessing on TV is absolutely normal, and many of them will still not get it even after they themselves are arrested or beaten. These people are so brainwashed with TV that even at the moment of actually becoming victims of this violent police state they will likely still side with the police, somehow justifying their act. This is the power of the Orwell effect which has conditioned modern day Americans that tyranny is good and freedom loving is bad.

Ultimately, we may never know the horrifying truth of the actual number of murders occurring now daily due to police secrecy and non-cooperativeness. If we just take the numbers that have been suggested and do a mathematical estimate on where this problem is going or where we might be in say 5, 10 or 15 years from now, we have reason to be gravely concerned over a situation that looks like we'll be facing an army of nationwide armed federal police with no consequences for their actions, the "freedom" to murder anyone anywhere with a growing list of those murdered some day to range in the millions.

One way to start fighting back in response to this problem is with cessation of calling murders "police brutality". A murder is murder so let us stop calling murder "police brutality". Too often we get used to buzz words. If a person murdered someone in cold blood or murders several people, would you say that the person is committed "people brutality" or would you say he committed murderer? Why then are police murders considered "brutality" instead of plain murder? Like the phrase "justifiable homicide", again, cleverly chosen words to color up murder. Many police murders are described by the mainstream media as the body being "found dead", or person is dead after "less than lethal" weapon used when they taser someone to death, or gunman was "shot dead" which still sounds much cleaner than "murder". These small words and phrases we are all conditioned to accept, contribute to the impunity that police enjoy.

Finally, here are some low-level solutions:
1- Raising awareness of the police perpetrated murders and crimes, rally around and support organization that expose police crimes and the individual officers involved.

2- Stay informed about police activities, purchases, drills and any changes to the police federalization "solution".

3- Taking local action and if possible get involved in supporting legislation to protect the public from the police and at the same time officially appoint local entities to monitor police.  

4- Keep the police out of your life while at the same time keep a commitment to educating them whenever you can. Remind officers of their oath and recite it to them if necessary and if possible.  

5- Vote in Constitutional Sheriffs in your local county to hopefully safeguard all your irrevocable human rights clearly stated in the U.S. Constitution.

6- If at all possible reach out to police in any way you can. Look for public events that involve police. All police have a liaison appointed to deal with the general public. Amazingly most police you speak to at this level will listen and speak respectfully to you.

For now, the current police brutality holocaust will continue to be ignored by the federal government and more importantly by local officials. Any solution to local police violence will have to come from the grass roots level. As for the relationship between the feds and the local police, it resembles more a business partnership than anything else. From this perspective the entire new world order is one big business (have you considered this?). From their perspective, we truth seekers are a nuisance since (as they see it) we are interfering with their business. This being the mindset of someone who only cares about money. Fact is, if we approached every government conspiracy and crime strictly from a money point of view, we would be correct in our analysis pretty much every time.

As we observe the escalation of the brutalization and murders of American citizens nationwide, let us remember that somewhere deep down money is driving this, the psychopaths were chosen and the true solution will only come from the lowest level while their "solution" will only strengthen the power of the now quietly federalize police force. Perhaps the time is now to become creative and aggressive with creating true solutions for this gravely concerning problem.

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