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The Mass Illegal Immigration Influx: An Ominous Sign Of The Emerging North American Union?

June 30, 2014
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

The borders of the United States is now clearly under attack by the psychopath globalists who have been engineering this move for a long time. I was recently (purely incidentally) listening to a report from NPR (lies) about the recent mega-size immigration influx. They explained the narrative and I got it right away. Here is a small breakdown which I think its very important for everyone to understand regarding the narrative being used to push this agenda forward. As usual it's guided by the Hegelian dialectic- problem, reaction, solution. In this report the problem is clearly stated: Many of these immigrants are children and teenagers who want to escape gang violence and poverty and have heard (from who knows where?) that if they physically make it to the U.S. border they will be allowed to cross over and live in the U.S.. These immigrants, we are told, are tens of thousands of people migrating on foot from Mexico, El Salvador and other countries in South America. With nowhere to go, we are told, they are in need and the U.S. should help. The report goes on to frame this as a story of human survival leaving the listener emotionally convinced the solution can only be one thing, let them live in the U.S.. Leading up to this story were other stories months prior, quietly telling of Obama administration's uncontrolled deportations and the cruel turning away of immigrants left and right. You couldn't set this up any better.

What the mainstream media is not telling you is that immigration laws are no different than any other laws. The United States has laws about immigration and they have to do with national identity, national sovereignty and yes national security. All countries have immigration laws and those laws stand regardless. Isn't this shocking from the same government that created the phony war on terror and put TSA Nazi police at every airport groping your children in the name of national security? Is this not the most grotesque hypocrisy and double standard you've ever seen? Do immigration laws get suspended for mass cases of runaway kids and teens? And if so, doesn't that shine the light right back to Eric Holder and the infamous 'Fast and Furious' weapons running scandal federal agents were caught aiding the Mexican drug lords thus contributing to the problem to begin with? I see how it works- destabilize the country by empowering and arming the gangs and drug lords (creating the problem), the disruption and destabilization leads to chaos, murders, deaths, rapes, kidnappings, increased poverty, theft etc. Who can live in these situations? The reaction then ushers in the solution(s): Open the borders and allow tens of thousands of new undocumented immigrants into the United States with no regard to the laws in place and at the expense of the legal citizens. This move to ignore the law, by the Obama administration, sets a precedent of unlimited power for allowing entrance to any immigrant OR terrorist, or gangsters, or patsy, or drug lord into the United States.

You can be sure these immigrants will not be fighting to expose the new world order, do research, speak out or take place in any anti-government corruption activism any time soon. They will not learn about the Constitution, the bill of rights, and their natural born god given rights to speak their mind, criticize government and their right to protest when and where they want. Yet at the same time they will be told they are free. The globalist know they are getting a mass of immigrants who are not going to be quickly caught up in exposing the corruption occurring right now in D.C. or discussing the global awakening and matters regarding the new world order. Like George Orwell's Animal Farm, they will be told how great Obama is for saving them, and many will agree and emotionally vow to support him. The opportunity to "support" Obama will surely come to them in one way or another in the form of say, two years of military service? Civilian spying? Lending out your body for government scientific experiments? Government informant? Or perhaps filling in the roll of patsy or crisis actor for the next false flag.

In Texas and Arizona many of these desperate immigrants are being contained in a prison-like environments open to the spreading of disease and infestations. A place where any one of these illegal immigrants can be disappeared, taken away, ransomed, used as a mind-control subject, brainwashed, armed or as I said earlier, even used as the next patsy for an upcoming false flag. Sounds crazy? One of the prime tactics of the globalists and their corrupt legal system including police, is their tendency to put people in tough situations where the odds are stacked against them so they can offer the victim a deal to get out of it. This is how they can and will easily coerce these immigrants into obeying their agenda. With civil liberties being destroyed at alarming rates within the U.S., can you imagine how much fewer rights and tighter control they have over these desperate immigrants? Does anyone think these immigrants are really safe in the hands of a government looking to destroy it's own border to progress the new world order plans of human enslavement?

That brings me to my main point. We are now seeing the real-time destruction of the United States border. It should come as no shock to anyone that recently U.S. border patrol agents were said to have been actually shot at by Mexican military choppers. Just a year ago or even five or ten years ago, this story would have been 9/11-sized news, instead this story was recently mentioned as just another (matter of fact) story. It was just last year when California Senator Dianne Feinstein, in an effort to justify NSA spying, showed a map of the "North American Union" where she at no point even mentioned the United States or America.

With no end in sight to this bizarre illegal influx of literally tens of thousands of helpless immigrants who will be put into "re-education" camps to be brainwashed into pro-new world order government propaganda lies, the globalists are now poised to officially destroy the U.S. borders and declare their North American Union some time afterward. They are poised to use, not the banner of "conspiracy theorists" to smear and demonize anyone who opposes this radical law breaking, U.S. sovereignty and identity breaking, national security risking, and we-the-people threatening agenda; no they will not call you a conspiracy theorists for this one, they will label you a "racist" and a "bigot" for opposing this. It's already happening in all the comments around the web.

This is the magic of how the globalists operate. All their crimes are interconnected. Never assume that conspiracies ever stand alone as one time events. The globalists had been working on this one for a long while. Their goal is to obliterate the U.S. border and thus our national sovereignty in exchange for the new globalist map where we are all "North Americans" and members one of the seven main central "regions" controlled by the globalists United Nations and Nato.

In one of my recent videos I talked about knowing the difference between the Liberty movement and the Truth Movement. Sound ridiculous? I argue that there is indeed a difference. Nowadays Libertarians and truth-seeking so called "truthers" agree on a lot. How can they not? With the globalist looking to stifle all forms of free thought, freedom, and liberty, it is easy to see how the two groups agree on almost everything. Libertarians may see this as an outrageous obliteration of our borders, a left wing fascist attempt to bring in thousands if not millions of immigrants who will be dependent on big government and socialism. Yes this is true however in a broader view, one that allows reflection of the greater scenario only possible when considering this scenario in a higher level of consciousness, we see a huge step in the emerging of the North American Union which is a critical piece of the global grand chess game we call the new world order. Yes this is about liberty, but it is about the emerging one world government that wants to restructure our map and dissolve our countries and America is no different. Keep watching how the globalists are destroying one country after another and keep watching as they simultaneously dismantle America.

Yes many of us are both Libertarians and truthers and yes we realize that this difference may not exist or may not matter to some (and ultimately it shouldn't). Everything we are experiencing however, factually now ties back in some way to this master (new world order) plan. No longer can anyone hold that this is a wild 'conspiracy' theory (in the sense that CIA has manipulated the meaning of this word). Hopefully soon most Americans will get past the "conspiracy theory" thought-blocking mind-control trigger word, and finally see the end game scenario for what it is. I assure readers that putting aside all beliefs and seeing the end game, even if you don't understand it fully, makes these stories a lot more meaningful, gets you even closer to truth and consciousness, and thus triggers the right train of thoughts that will someday soon hopefully trigger the final solution to this much greater problem humanity faces, and yes, that including every immigrant around the world who is looking for and deserves a better life.

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