Truth & Art TV Videos

Posted 02-28-18

RED ALERT!!-Truth and Art TV
Channel Under Attack By YouTube!!!!

History is upon us. It's happening everywhere. YouTube channels with conservative views, patriotic views, Trump supporting views and any view that disagrees with the Liberal Left, globalist ideology are all being deleted systemmatically. Truth and Art TV is no different. My channel has no received TWO quick "Community guidelines" strikes over the past 3 days for videos posted over 2-3+ years ago! This leaves the Truth and Art TV YouTube channel ONE strike away from being permanently deleted. The Truth and Art TV YouTube channel is now FROZEN for 2 weeks. During this time I cannot upload any videos. Please help spread the word about my Truth and Art TV BACKUP CHANNEL LINKED HERE Let's continue to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT against YouTube and the deep state. They cannot silence us and all of their tactics will backfire on them exponentially.