What is the Red Pill?

The RED PILL represents a paradigm shift of consciousness back to reality. Everyone has a paradigm that they have created in their mind from early childhood about the world around them. This paradigm is reinforced every day and makes up your perceptions and belief system of the world around you. These paradigms define who you are and are very important for your mental survival. The fear and perceived threat of a change in paradigm is the greatest obstacle to overcome when sharing the truth with some as the information they are hearing conflicts with the paradigm they have created in their life. The new information is a threat to this paradigm. For some the prospects of change is exciting and they have the courage to face it, however for others this fear of paradigm shift is so scary they will defend their paradigm in any way they can and will reject the information at any cost. This paradigm shift is symbolized in the feature film 'The Matrix' as the Red Pill.

The adventure known as the 'RED PILL' means many things to different people. For some it is the complete liberation of their mind as they realize that we live in a mental prison created by the world around us. These mental prisons are necessary to keep the people in line and we as humans are susceptible from a very young age to being indoctrinated into their prison and their lies. These lies and false beliefs then become a central part of our paradigm. Such is the story of human nature. Thankfully, we are also born with a strong sense of intuition and common sense which often is the window of freedom for the enslaved mind. As they say, 'the TRUTH will set you free'and it has a liberating effect on the imprisoned mind. Follow your own intuition, open your mind and let go the fear and you will see things very differently. Remember Truth and Courage go hand in hand and one must have the courage to see the truth.

Ask yourself; are YOU ready to take the RED PILL?

Wake up to the truth!
Will you take the blue pill or the red pill?

The Paradigm Shift

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