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Ruling Elite Drunken With Victory and Success As Trump Bows to Their Plans

May 26, 2017
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Drunken elite

The degree to which President Trump has bowed to the wishes of the ruling elite lately is astonishing. The deep state or the globalists pushing for their global order sent Henry Kissinger to the White House a few weeks ago with a message for Trump. They then turned the corporate mainstream media against Trump following the James Comey firing. And they unleashed another round of the "Russia" distraction so that no is talking about the emails revealed by Wikileaks which we now know came from Seth Rich before he was murdered. This is now officially revealed despite the usual denials, lies and distractions churned out by Jeff Bezos' deep state coverup machine, the Washington Post. (no link provided so as not to encourage anyone to give WP any traffic or recognition)

Meanwhile Trump the deal maker continues to allow the deep state to score massive victories against the good people of America and the world. These are the many people throughout the world that the ruling elite are trying to deceive which see through the 16 years of post 9/11 engineered "war on terror", false flags, fake events, lies, mass scale propaganda, state sponsored terrorism, imperialism, engineered revolutions and all out war against the individual, truth and other nation states. The same good people, the masses and those who are now awakened who want real genuine people-powered peace and prosperity built on truth and equal justice not the peace and prosperity offered by the United Nation's Agenda 2030 which if fully implemented will offer the ruling elite an opportunity for unchecked and unlimited power as humanity descends into permanent enslavement.

People everywhere are seeing through the same globalist script especially with the recent sequence playing out in Manchester UK supposed bombing which the West's ISIS is conveniently taking credit for. All of this while the ruling elite carry on with their plans as if drunk on their own perceived power and as if no one is noticing in an era of information. The video below summarizes the the nature of the agenda surrounding recent events.

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Bernie Suarez
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