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Sanders Supporters Forced to Swallow Red Pill- Will Deeper Awakening Follow?

July 11, 2016
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Bernie Sander

It's happening all over the country. Supporters of Bernie Sanders are being forced to accept the crude reality of what happens when your favorite candidate is cheated out of a victory for Democratic presidential candidate.

I'd like to say one thing to all Sander supporters; say hello to Ron Paul supporters who experienced the same disappointment in 2012. The story goes like this: Your candidate packs the most crowds everywhere, has the largest countable audience, is seemingly raving with popularity and ... he still somehow ends up losing the primary election campaign. Or did he? That's just one thing concerning the Sander supporters as we arrive closer to Tuesday July 12th, 2016 when Sanders is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton for President in the upcoming November presidential elections.

To make things even worse for the Sanders supporters; this past week, during the first week of July 2016, one thing after another happened that seemed to be coordinated, all in favor of Hillary Clinton. It's almost surreal to think that very recently, amidst accusations of voter fraud and with an ongoing serious criminal investigation looming, that the Sanders campaign was in a good position to rid themselves of the Hillary Clinton problem. Not very long ago Sanders' supporters had to have been feeling good about their chances of winning the Democratic party nomination.

Then suddenly something really weird happened. Hillary mysteriously and inexplicably barreled her way past Sanders in a number of suspicious Primary voting results (using the concept of "Superdelegates") including California where Bernie Sanders is far more popular than lifelong criminal Hillary Clinton. One by one all her legal problems just went away mysteriously. Before the Sanders supporters could wrap their heads around this reality Clinton was magically let off the hook by the FBI despite committing very serious crimes of having classified information illegally stored on her personal server and secretly conducting criminal activities outside the prying eyes of the general public; a crime Clinton is now set to get away with, thus marking a historic dark moment in American history. We even suddenly saw key high ranking witnesses that were set to testify against Hillary suddenly drop dead of bizarre and untimely causes. The super-highway being cleared for Hillary to become the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party was suddenly clear to see, death trail and all.

For Bernie Sanders supporters, all of this happened in a short period of just over a week or so. The reaction from Bernie supporters? I suppose there were at least two distinct reactions coming from two distinct types of Sanders supporters. Those that supported Sanders are awakened to the true plans of the ruling elite and are thus not surprised and those who are not aware at all and are surprised by this outcome. For those Sanders supporters who are not aware of the full geopolitical picture, these (many) Sanders supporters are now likely having to swallow this new red pill of reality. But will this disappointment produce a much needed awakening amongst this group? That is the question.

For many Sanders supporters the truth about our corrupt system is now dawning upon them and the (so called red) pill (as depicted in the movie 'The Matrix') they are having to swallow is bitter and painful. All this time and effort wasted, the passion, the hope, all of it now gone. Surely many of these Sanders supporters are left wondering how and why did this happened. Then as if to add insult to injury they get to watch as Sanders is set to actually endorse lifetime criminal and CFR member Hillary Clinton for president basically swallowing all his words and promises, shutting up and getting in line with the globalist program. Unless of course these Sanders supporters say no to tyranny and corruption and refuse to support Hillary. This is what we need to hear from the Sanders supporters. We need a full acknowledgment from them that they admit they were fooled and that they cannot in good conscience support Hillary.

The Bernie Sanders red pill reality is a reminder to not just the Sanders supporters but to all of us, that the ruling elite are going for it all. The rule of law is out and Hillary is in. They will stop at nothing to control humanity and wage endless war to obtain their goal.

Harnessing this awakening moment

Disappointments such as the stolen presidential nomination from the hands of Bernie Sanders who now joins John Kerry, Al Gore, Ron Paul and others who have been cheated of a legitimate chance at presidency, can be a great time for those negatively affected by these huge disappointments, which are based on deep rooted corruption and criminality, to fully wake up to the ruling elite greater plans we now see unfolding all around us (Middle East, police state, phony war on terror, Agenda 2030, global carbon tax, staged psychological terrorism against its own people etc). This is my only hope as we all observe these historic moments and while America continues to march ever closer to full-on tyrannical rule.

I can only hope that we harness this awakening moment in a way that benefits humanity and helps as many people as possible to realize once and for all that the US presidential election campaign season is, as I've said many times, a script that the controllers role out and play into in the same way a Hollywood movie script is played out by actors. In other words the election process is fake in every way. It's an illusion designed to distract you and make you believe that you actually have a choice when in fact you don't . This illusion is now becoming perfectly clear, I suspect, to many disappointed Sanders supporters who now see the light.

As I've said many times, no one should be surprised that shooting season began right around the time that Hillary was said to have "clinched" the nomination. It's all a script. You are being played and they are following a predetermined sequence of events with a predetermined ending. Hopefully this golden awakening opportunity will not be wasted by the Sanders supporters. Only time will tell as in the next few days Sanders' support for Hillary will be official. When this happens will the Bernie Sanders supporters also sell out and vote for Hillary? Will they give in to corruption and vote for Hillary because she's part of the party? Because she's a woman? Because a vote for Hillary is one less vote for Trump? None of these reasons have any meaningful purpose to someone who cares about truth, transparency, reason, accountability and freedom from corruption (not to mention responsible government, fiscal sound economic policies and preservation of individual rights among many other things).

So as the Bernie Sanders crowd comes to grip with reality let us hope this brings us one step closer to arresting the criminals in Washington DC. At this point nothing short of arrest and prison of criminals like Hillary, Bush Jr, Cheney and Obama (to name a few) will be enough to restore America and humanity, put an end the senseless engineered "war on terror", stop the destruction of America, end the ongoing staged crisis actor psychological terrorism, halt our march towards world war 3 and much more. We are now on a historic path towards destruction of our nation, our planet and ourselves and we must now all step in and save humanity before it's too late.

So again I ask, in this historic moment, will the Sanders supporters learn from this forced red pill? Or will they somehow not see the writing on the wall and regress into willful ignorance? How painful must the lessons be before we all take action? This question will soon be answered.

Bernie Suarez
Creator of Truth and Art TV Project

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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