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Sandy Hook ATM Machine Crisis Actor Lawsuits Keep Coming: Pozner Wants Another 15K!

March 11, 2016
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

ATM crisis actors

Another week goes by and we're hearing about yet another Sandy Hook fake parent, specifically Lenny Pozner trying to siphon more money from another entity, this time the town of Newtown, Connecticut and its school board. Pozner is looking to play the “negligence” card as he continues to feed his wallet in what I refer to as the Sandy Hook crisis actor ATM machine fraud.

Like an ATM machine designed to give out money, the Sandy Hook fake parents have used the staged event to reportedly swindled well over 30 million from would-be-sympathetic unaware Americans who have donated to these criminals with good intention. You would think they would be happy with this, but greed and evil is never known to be content. Just a couple weeks after the announcement that Sandy Hook parents are seeking damages from the gun makers, now Pozner, who seemingly seeks to be anonymous, is seeking another 15 thousand dollars from the town of Newtown and its school board.

Interestingly, the website reporting this story ( uses clever words to avoid mentioning Pozner's actual name, perhaps an attempt to fly under the radar on this otherwise fraudulent lawsuit. Point illustrated in bold:

The Jewish family, who lost their 6-year old child in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, are suing the school board and the town for negligence.

The family of a Jewish boy killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre is one of two families suing Newtown, Connecticut, and its school board for alleged lax security.

The parents of Noah Pozner, as well as Jesse Lewis, filed the lawsuit last month, the Hartford Courant reported Monday. It reportedly is seeking more than $15,000 in damages, as is standard.

According to the suit, the school board and the town were negligent in not having classroom doors that could be locked from the inside and because the school did not have a more secure entranceway, including bulletproof glass on the front windows. The lawsuit also alleges a lack of security in the parking lot.

Astute readers know of course that this “Jewish family” is Lenny Pozner and his wife Veronique. All that aside, this illustrates once again why it's so important for readers to support the efforts of those who have risked it all to expose the Sandy Hook staged event.

Realize that every phony lawsuit filed is an attack on truth and every attempt to pass anti-gun legislation is an attack on all of our freedoms and Constitutional rights. Realize that all of these Sandy Hook crisis actors are bullies like I indicated in a recent article. Make no mistake these bullies know exactly what they are doing and the more things we allow them to get away with, the bigger the hurt they are putting on truth and freedom.

Known criminals don't deserve to run around free and to continue to pile on their scams in broad daylight. If you agree then help spread this message and help expose every move the Sandy Hook crisis actor criminal bullies take against humanity and freedom.

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