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Posted 03-11-16

Sandy Hook Challenge- Show Us the MASS Evacuations

For a story which claims Sandy Hook Elementary was a fully running normal elementary school, you would think providing evidence of a real event would be a walk in the park.

Anyone who has researched the Sandy Hook event of December 14, 2012 however knows that nothing about this event comes easy. Simple evidence is never available and the search for the simple evidence is intolerable. The rules are clear; the crisis actors TELL you what happened, any demand or inquiries for further evidence constitutes "harassment" and "cruelty".

Is there ANYONE willing to accept this craziness? So many parts of the Sandy Hook "story" have fallen apart, but recently some YouTubers decided they wanted to expose the supposed Sandy Hook "evacuations" in response to the video put out by In this video I challenge and anyone else who is able to provide evidence. Got the full proof evidence of the mass evacuation of hundreds of kids coming out of a school that was closed? Provide it and claim your cash. This offer will go throughout March of 2016.

Then when you gather this evidence please provide the evidence of rescue workers saving lives. Show me the cardiac defibrillator, the saline bags, the rescue workers providing CPR to shot victims, the blood transfusion bags, etc. Show me the medical reality of the event.

The point of offering a cash reward for evidence that does not exist is to show that this is just another way to expose crisis actor liars, the government and their mainstream media who all lie to the public.

Crisis actor staged events are a very serious matter, a major threat to freedom, and a threat to America. We must expose and bring to justice not only all the crisis actors who participated in Sandy Hook but many of the other shooting events of the past 4+ years.

Original video can be watch on our Truth and Art TV YouTube channel here.