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Posted 01-13-18

Shocking Reality About Q's Predicted "Great Awakening" Now Revealed!! Must Watch! Podcast #29 1-13-18

Today I have a very important message for all Patriots and Truth seekers who love America and don't want to see it destroyed by the globalist. Q-Anon in his latest (January 8th) posting talked about the "great awakening". Well it's definitely here as I discuss in today's video podcast. Big changes are here. America is on the rise again and the enemy is angry. President Trump is draining the swamp and all of this has triggered a new dangerous era in America. It's a do or die situation for all sides and the potential death of Democracy is looming. Most Americans regardless of where they stand cannot fathom the reality of the situation. If you are one of those Americans then listen to today's podcast as I break it all down and paint the big picture.