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Shooting Blanks!! Fake Shooting at Paris Kosher Supermarket Siege

Remember the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo false flag? Here's another video that may convince you the entire even was a fraud. Look closely in this video and see the police officers firing in the direction of the supposed "targets" inside the Kosher Supermarket. Only one problem with this supposed shootout, police are clearly seen firing rounds directly at their own men. Something that under any circumstances would absolutely endanger if not strike and kill their own officers. Watch closely and share the evidence of crisis acting and blanks firing with others. The Paris Charlie Hebdo false flag is now fully exposed to anyone paying attention. See another video exposing the Charlie Hebdo false flag here or watch the video below.

Bullet Misses By a Mile! See fake "execution" of Paris police officer!

This video clearly shows the "execution" of a Paris police officer is a fake. Shooter aims away from the body and head of the officer and the round can be clearly seen to hit the concrete pavement several feet away. Why then did mainstream media call this an "execution"??




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