1. Get involved in the voting process. Support organizations committed to election process reform. One of the problems we have is that the little person is not represented. This has to do with the State level representation structure. Recommended is a project called the Neighborhood Legislature. Visit and find out how you can be involved in a process that will return power back to the people.

2. Also highly recommended is visiting the 10th Amendment Center website and see how you can get involved at the local level to take back the power


1. First off, realize that propaganda is now legal in the United States. A clause in the 2012 NDAA allows propaganda to be legally used in the U.S. Share this information with everyone you know and remind them that it is now a dangerous practice to blindly believe mainstream media news.

2. Say no to your cable company and turn off your TV once and for all. Find new forms of entertainment that doesn't involve vegetating in front of a TV box all day long. Turning off mainstream media news and propaganda is one of the most powerful tools you have to clear your mind and begin thinking on your own.

3. Do your part to expose the individual writers of articles and individual TV pundits that regurgitate government lies to deceive the general public and advance the globalist agenda. Exposing the individuals is sometimes more effective than trying to expose an entire logo or news media brand name.

4. Monitor and counter the arguments presented by controlled mainstream media news in real-time to expose their lies early on, before their stories spread to the general public unchecked. Expose the media for not doing their job and ask the tough questions they are afraid to answer.


1. Find alternative solutions to using Google (also Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL) for your email and search engine use. Here is one alternative for search engine use.

2. Consider getting rid of your smart phone.

3. Don't rely on your smart phone for practical items such as flash light, camera, video camera or sound recorder. Downloading these apps often come at the expense of your privacy.

4. Disable all applications on your phone that you don't need. Read the terms and conditions for apps that you want to use carefully. Often without realizing, many people agree to give up their private information in exchange for use of these applications.

5. Here are some cell phone apps you can install to protect your privacy.

6. Don't be afraid to over-use "suspicious" phrases to disempower their meaning. Mix the context of things you say to account for humor and emotion that no surveillance system can understand.

7. Take action at your local and State level to oppose NSA illegal spying and expose any politicians who ignore the U.S. Constitution in exchange for and imaginary "safety" you never asked for.

8. Cover the cameras on lap tops and other electronic devices.

9. Learn to browse the internet on proxy servers and use different names when possible. Why not make surveillance difficult for those illegally doing it? These are just a few solutions to surveillance.

10. Go to to get involved in the battle for internet freedom and privacy.


1. Buy only organic food and foods that have no GMO food.

2. Read labels carefully and know what you are buying and eating.

3. Support your local farmers market instead of the large corporate owned stores that want to steal your personal information and track what you purchase in exchange for a store member discount.

4. Visit to find out what you can do to fight GMO food


1. Do everything you can to educate others about the significance of 9/11 truth. Explain how we know that the WTC towers were unmistakably destroyed by controlled demolition and that nano-sized military grade thermite chips were discovered in multiple World Trade Center ground-zero dust samples. This proves controlled demolition which scientifically proves the official story to be a lie. Understanding the importance of this lie allows you to understand how the "war on terror" is and always has been a hoax. This was confirmed by the late Hollywood producer Aaron Russo in his historic interview with Alex Jones prior to his death.

2. Educate the military about the fraudulence of the U.S. war on terror and remind them of their oath to the U.S. Constitution not to the agenda of greedy criminal banksters who want to run the world. Remind soldiers that during the post WW2 Nuremberg hearings Nazi soldiers who pleaded innocent because they were told to commit war crimes, were convicted for the crimes they committed.

3. Take action and get involved in passing legislation to de-fund the Department of Defense and the Pentagon. Did you know that in 2012 the budget for the U.S. Military was over $650 Billion? Most people cannot even imagine this kind of money and what we could do with this money instead of using it to kill people.

4. Teach the children and young adults the reality of war before they get lured into joining the military by deceptive recruiters.

5. Educate potential military candidates about the record number of military suicides happening now. Make sure they understand that on average at least one soldier takes his life every day.

6. Expose pro sports and their worship of the military often using promotional days, special dedications, staged ceremonies, and even sports heroes to promote recruitment into the military.


1. Do what you can to educate and avoid. Whenever you have no choice but to face and communicate with a police officer, first and foremost remember to be respectful. Why? Because we are all still human and police officers who 'feel' disrespected will react to that feeling in a way that ensures that YOU will be in the short end of the stick. Remember, they really do have the guns and the power to make up lies. Aside from being respectful, look for opportunities to educate the police and remind them of their oath to the U.S. Constitution. If you are not comfortable educating police then find other ways to reach out to them. Perhaps with letters and phone calls. Either way, just remember who you are and what you belief in and why you believe what you believe. Perhaps you will have an opportunity to share that personal view with the police in some other unexpected setting.

Introducing Sidekik- A powerful solution to police corruption and unaccountability.

2. When dealing with police corruption make an effort to record their actions. It may be worth it to have backup recording devices for those who have the means. Recording devices in your car can be very valuable when confronted with a situation where police is lying about what happened. Make sure you have witnesses around you for your safety, and try to make yourself visible to the general public. If you can afford it, get an attorney to represent you.

3. Read and educate yourself about their deceptive and carefully coded legal system. Learn and understand what legalese is and how to properly apply this knowledge to real life situations. In other words, know your rights and know the law that they are expected to abide by.

4. Get involved in assembly meetings and look for ways to address police behavior and accountability. If you can, become familiar and or know who are the individuals at the top of the police chain of command. The more you know and the more you are involved the more effective you will be in stopping police corruption.