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Posted 4-29-18

Special Report: A Closer Look At the "Blame the Jews/Israel" Movement (Podcast #44 PART 2 of 2)

We are now seeing the Great Awakening promised by Trump's storm and the Q anon patriots. History is before us as the world is changing every day. There is one group in the underground alternative media however that can't see the awakening because their paradigm of the world doesn't fit into it. The "blame the Jews" movement, as I call it, is very important to understand. The movement goes by many other names (blame Zionism, Israel etc) but in the end it's the same idea. Single out what other criminals are doing in terms of the Jewish or Israeli/Zionist identity instead of confronting globalists-criminals as humans that are committing crimes (think Identity Politics). To those sucked into this movement everything wrong in the world goes through the Jews, Israel or Zionism. Is this realistic? In this presentation I break down many points related to this topic.

Welcome to the Great Awakening which is for ALL of humankind. There IS no skin color, race, culture or even religion in this great awakening. Where we go one we go all!