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The Hijacking Of Truth- No One Caught This But It Must Be Told - (Prelude to new book now in progress)

June 14, 2019
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Hijacking of Truth

Ask yourself if you were an operative in the CIA or another intelligence or 3 letter agency serving under the Obama years (or Bush Jr, Clinton etc) and you were tasked with preventing people from waking up to the truth of the global cabal agenda to control humanity and overthrow freedom, patriotism and conservatism- would you be concerned about social media? Would you be concerned about Youtube video producers spreading truth? How about influential people with loud voices? Would you have been concerned about the underground "truth" movement during the Hussein years? Would you have been concerned about any resemblance of awakening or resistance on the part of the people? The kind of awakening and resistance that could pose a threat to your (Deep State) long term plans? The plans for the enslavement of humanity? Would you be concerned? I believe (IMHO) the answer is yes, you would be concerned. So how would you plan to stop this threat? Or do you believe the threat was not foreshadowed?

Here are some additional questions to ask yourself:

During the Obama years (in particular):

- Do you believe the administration came and went unprepared to deal with the spread of truth and information on the internet and other platforms and the potential consequences of a mass awakening?

- Was the administration too nearsighted, naive and unaware of the spread of information in this day and age or were they aware of the situation and were prepared to act accordingly? Think about this.

These are just some opening questions that if you were awake then (2008-2016) you should've been asking yourself for many years prior to the arrival of President Donald Trump and the Q Anon operation. How you answer this and how you are able to walk yourself through concrete examples to support your argument will determine if you are a person who gets the Q drops and the entire Storm Operation (or what I call "Group A"), whether you support POTUS but still don't get Q (Group B), or whether you are an asset to the deep state (Group C and D).

For the purposes of this article I'm focusing on "Group D" the most important piece of the puzzle for understanding the big picture. Group D as I use the term are people who THINK they represent "Truth", they are often busy, fired up activists who fight for what they think is "freedom from government". What I loosely refer to as Anarchists (think "you versus the world". I use this term very loosely because this is a broad group of complex often well meaning but sometimes angry thinkers who crave freedom more than anything or their perception of freedom. It is critical to note that their "freedom" inherently and necessarily is defined (across the board) as the freedom from government. (Think "without a ruler"). Welcome to Group D and welcome to the new book that I am working on which will demonstrate how "Group D" is truly the secret weapon of the deep state without which their plans would not work.

Before you get the wrong idea, the book will not be specifically about "Group D" or anarchy. Not even close. I will dive much deeper into this story and demonstrate how the freedom seeking "underground Truthers" are/were just one piece of the puzzle that was intended to guarantee success for the deep state for many centuries to come until Patriots inside our Military and Intelligence decided to change the course of history and until President Trump was rolled out for the big 2016 victory.

In summary among many other things in my latest work you will come to grips with the hard reality of the "Truth Movement" and how it became a powerful weapon for the deep state. In this book I will draw from many personal experiences to outline for the reader a very clear agenda that had been in place for many decades. This agenda was designed to not only deteriorate humanity but to permanently fracture it, confuse it and divide it against itself and offer it a full dose of hopelessness. This is exactly the powerlessness, hopelessness and confusion they needed everyone to live in, in order for them (the deep state global cabal) to exercise full domination of the human race. Many things have changed and I look forward to sharing this research with you.

Bernie Suarez
Creator of Truth and Art TV Project

Bernie is a revolutionary digital soldier and writer with a background in music, medicine, psychology, and information technology. He created the Truth and Art TV Youtube channel in 2012 and today (almost 100,000 subscribers later) he is leading the charge in the Great Awakening with news analysis from a Patriot/President Trump (Q+) and Q Anon drops point of view. Bernie is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and in addition to hundreds of videos produced he has written hundreds of articles over the years about freedom, corruption and conspiracies, as well as solutions. Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV web project a platform where he you can reach Bernie and track updates. Bernie is also an ex U.S. Marine who supports President Donald Trump and who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. He also believes that the "Calm before the Storm" comment made by President Trump on October 5, 2017 was the beginning of what is now a global war against the deep state being waged by Patriots and a war being illustrated to Patriots around the world by the entity Q Anon within the boundaries of National Intelligence rules.
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