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The Men Behind the Sandy Hook Curtain- The New Dark Element of Humanity No One Is Talking About

September 6, 2016
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Sandy Hook

The mysterious men behind the Sandy Hook curtain have struck again with, so far, full impunity and no one except a fringe element of the alternative media is even paying attention. They are causing fear and intimidation of innocent and honest truth seeking Americans; the most recent case being a man who after years of researching the Sandy Hook event of December 14, 2012 he humbly concluded the event was entirely staged. He then begged to be proven wrong in his conclusions by anyone with conclusive evidence showing that his conclusions are wrong. That counter evidence of course to this day has never been produced by anyone.

I'm speaking of Mr. Wolfgang Halbig, the former Florida State trooper and former school safety consultant. Halbig set off on a journey several years ago, following the Sandy Hook event, to prove that Sandy Hook actually happened. Nothing wrong with that, right? Except that he failed miserably to prove any component of the event actually happened the way the mainstream media, the Newtown Connecticut authorities and our establishment government claimed it did. He even tried to prove that Sandy Hook Elementary was a functional school by filing lawsuits to get the maintenance records and more and it turns out that just based on the unusual and inexplicable resistance from the authorities unwilling to release any details of the event and based on things like the deplorable maintenance conditions and lack of internet service among many other anomalies Halbig concluded that there was no organic reality to the assumption that Sandy Hook Elementary was operable at the time of the event. But the story doesn't end there of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Sandy Hook story.

This unusually odd resistance to any and all inquiries surrounding Sandy Hook soon backfired as researchers began asking questions like, why were so many homes simultaneously sold in Newtown ON Christmas day 12-25-09 for zero dollars? That's right, free! Or, why were charities started for the dead children BEFORE the day of the supposed shooting? In fact, in his book 'Nobody Died At Sandy Hook' Jim Fetzer reveals that Sandy Hook was just a FEMA Drill that officially began December 14, 2012. The stunning image of the official FEMA drill manual for Sandy Hook on that day is posted below for anyone who doesn't live in a coincidence theorist fantasy land.

FEMA Manual

Yes, as many people now realize this only scratches the surface of the Sandy Hook rabbit hole which runs very deep and the story only gets crazier as you dig deeper and deeper.

The main problem the mystery men behind the Sandy Hook curtain of deception are having is that they are trying to control reality in an age in which the information bottleneck is now broken. No longer does the average human being need to rely on corrupt corporate media controlled news to know what REALLY happened. This reality is clearly haunting the Sandy Hook gatekeepers and they are now going to extreme measures to actually censor information in any way they can.

In this latest example of the intimidation campaign being waged by these behind-the-scenes mysterious men guarding the Sandy Hook story they've targeted Wolfgang Halbigs website As reported in various alternative media sites last week Halbig has apparently now been bullied and intimated into taking down his own website (see for yourself here) because it exposes the Sandy Hook staged event and Halbig himself has been pressing many issues including requesting through freedom of information act (FOIA) evidence pertaining to the so-called dash cam videos that were supposed to prove the evacuation of 700+ children and their accompanying parents from the school that day. As demonstrated in the documentary produced by 'Independent Media Solidarity' titled 'We need to talk about Sandy Hook' the only dash cam videos available show no evacuation whatsoever taking place at the time the official police report timelines claim it took place. The resistance to providing the apparently top secret never-before-seen dash cam video with the supposed "proof" of the evacuation only leads us to reconcile at this point that this video simply doesn't exist. And based on the timing of the threats against Halbig it would appear that his prodding and insistence that the Newtown authorities produce these videos was a big enough threat to the story of Sandy Hook that they decided to send in their bullies behind the scenes to threaten Halbig. The fact of the matter is that the Sandy Hook hoax runs so deep that the hunt for the dash cam videos is, again, just one tiny segment of the Sandy Hook story that doesn't fit and which could potentially blow this story open.

In typical former police officer and former school safety consultant style (not conspiracy theorist harasser, thug-style as the mainstream media viciously tries to portray him as) Halbig (as have others) has systematically dismantled, one by one, many of the Sandy Hook lies exposing to the world how the pieces don't fit and he's done this using courtesy, respect and legitimate legal means; paying attorneys, going to court, requesting documents; all of this using his personal money and a lot of hard work.

In Socrates or Plato-like manner Halbig has risked his own safety, his reputation, his family's safety and everything he has, just to get to the truth of the matter. Frankly, if you ask me, the Halbig story is arguably one of the intriguing and compelling "right-versus-wrong" "honor-versus-dishonor" "truth versus lies" untold stories of our times even as almost the entire world including much of the alternative media ignores him.

As for all of those protecting the Sandy Hook story; from the highest levels all the way down to the lowest level of online trolls, instead of taking the rational route of proving the event to be real and delivering the full-dimensional reality of the story, if for no other reason for the sake of the so-called grieving families, they've chosen the path of not only ridicule and name-calling but at higher levels, deep behind the dark Sandy Hook curtain, a path of conflict, intimidation, stealth harassment and personal stalking gestapo-style, all to protect the Sandy Hook lie and to deceive the general public into believing the event really happened and anyone opposing the official story is a harasser, "dark-hearted" (according to Hillary Clinton) and a criminal. Who they (the Sandy Hook bullies) harass in the process and whose life they ruin and intimidate, like the intimidation and harassment Halbig has endured lately, is considered to them collateral damage in the dangerous game these evil dark behind-the-scenes characters are now involved in.

The reality we must all face is that the men behind the Sandy Hook curtain represent a very dark evil new element of humanity that is now thriving in secrecy and focused on intimidation and violence against truth seekers and it is time for all truth seekers to come together to fight back against these criminals. I believer they represent a model for the new world order information-control gestapo police. A reminder to all of us that this is how the new world order will deal with truth tellers moving forward if we don't stop them now. They will resort to stealth intimidation and violence not reason, debate and logic as would be expected in a truly civilized society or a democracy. In other words, a fresh new era of truth censorship has crept up on us and is here to stay even as much of the alternative media looks the other way.

Above and beyond protecting the Sandy Hook story let's keep in mind that these men are also fighting to prevent being exposed to the world and legally punished for their crimes. The game they play is nothing short of an underground Sandy Hook clandestine intimidation mafia whose job is to protect the Sandy Hook hoax of December 14, 2012 by harassing people who simply want to know and understand what really happened, all while proceeding carefully and making sure they themselves don't end up in jail; a task considered nearly impossible without the cooperation of the powers that be (Google, NSA, the court system, corrupt politicians etc).

For anyone new to the Sandy Hook story, please use the internet to get past the corporate mainstream media controlled narrative which is nothing but a "story" made up by someone like a Hollywood script. Take advantage of the fact that the information bottleneck is now broken. Jump into the shoes of people like Wolfgang Halbig or Jim Fetzer and discover the easily available information that they have discovered. Stand for truth transparency and reason, do your research and try to prove to yourself that even ONE person died that day. Better yet, try to prove that even the supposed shooter Adam Lanza even existed. I've got a box of cash with your name on it when you succeed in proving this. I assure you, you won't be able to prove any of this and don't worry, all those people who get worked up emotionally and resort to name-calling on social media, angry at anyone who questions the Sandy Hook psyop hoax, they're just either trolls or naive idiots being fooled and played for a fool with their emotions. Such is the nature of the information war we are in.

Imagine, all those people out there angrily defending the Sandy Hook psyop hoax, mourning with the fake parents and tossing millions of dollars in donations at them as they (the fake parents) secretly laugh their way to the bank. How could anyone turn back on an emotional and psychological commitment like this? The people that get angry at others who question Sandy Hook are simply protecting the reality they've personally invested in, a phenomenon known as cognitive dissonance. No one ever wants to admit that they've been fooled. It was Mark Twain who famously once said "it is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled" and he was so right.

Aside from possibly 9/11, no story reflects the truth of this quote more thoroughly today than the Sandy Hook story. That's because the Sandy Hook story is no ordinary story. It is arguably one of the greatest psychological operations perpetrated on the American people because first, it involved many children and Americans have a special place in their heart for children. Secondly, they did it smack in the middle of the Holiday season in 2012 when people were most emotionally vulnerable. The escalating and highly sophisticated post-Sandy Hook attack campaign on truth seekers has only added to the degree of psyop this event represents.

If all of this sounds crazy to you then that's okay. At least that shows you have the ability to reason soundly. It should sound crazy to you because the Sandy Hook psyop event was a special moment in human history. The Sandy Hook event now stands as the ultimate symbol of mass deceit amongst many other deceptive staged psyop events that followed over the past few years.

Again, the Sandy Hook event was special in that it involved the roll and careful necessary disappearance of children. The challenge of having to confront this profound reality that at least 20 children were psychologically abused and disappeared from the general public (at best) in a dangerous deep state game is too much for the average person to wrap around their heads, but today I assure readers this is precisely what we're talking about. Not confronting Sandy Hook is therefore an unintentional indirect way of supporting this highly sophisticated level of child abuse that every person who refuses to research Sandy Hook is guilty of.

Because of the children involvement extra control of the information (think Lt Paul Vance making empty threats the day of), extra control of what the public can see (legislation passed immediately following the staged event in Connecticut to deny freedom of information act and public records for homicides) and extra control of the public inquiry aftermath (people inquiring about Sandy Hook are mocked by corporate media, lose their jobs, end up in jail, get charged for plotting mass shootings, get threatened, lose their YouTube channels and social media platforms or are flat out killed) all had to be implemented to protect this mega historic psyop which everyone must now confront before it's too late.

Let's take an even closer look at this element of humanity that orchestrated Sandy Hook and the follow-up behind-the-scenes element of criminals actively protecting the event with intimidation and harassment.

First, we're talking about a new segment of humanity that now lives on this planet that are not just evil callous human beings but they have no integrity, they are selfish, fully committed to treason, promoting hatred, violence and intimidation against truth seekers and they are committed to the new world order agenda. On the surface many of the lower level participants are presumably well paid crisis actors, they come from various walks of life and they are all committed to a life of lies and deceit, all for what? Money? Some guaranteed status in the new global order? Makes you wonder, are these people all under mind control? Whatever the explanation is and whatever the reward is, no normal healthy-minded human being with empathy and compassion could ever relate to whatever it is that drives these people.

crisis actors

These low level players like those participating at a much higher (and deeper) level lack the ability to see the bigger picture of the damage they are doing to humanity. All of the Sandy Hook players lack empathy, spirituality, love and compassion for humanity and nature as a whole, despite their outward claims of "love" and "compassion" when they are asking for money. Such is the core nature of the actors that are committing themselves to staged events like Sandy Hook and many other events of the past few years that the corporate media presents as "mass shootings" and "attacks" of various sorts but that most of us call crisis actor events, staged hoaxes or false flag events.

And as we proceed in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, beyond just the surface low-level actors involved and behind what I call the 'Sandy Hook curtain' lies a very dark and horrific world of monsters that are permanently committed to these horrific lies and psychological terrorism on humanity. To these deeper players it's not just about telling a story, it's about going on the offensive and actually stalking truth seekers and ruining their lives. The game has changed quite a bit from the days of 9/11 truth activism and we are seeing the new response to how the deep state will deal with anyone who tries to expose the truth of their events.

And again, it's not just Sandy Hook. Many events before and after Sandy Hook have a similar playbook (Boston bombing, Aurora shooting, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Navy yard, Virginia TV reporter shooting, Charleston church shooting, Orlando nightclub shooting and on and on it goes under the Obama administration mass shooting spree). Sandy Hook however has proven to be not only the model psyop event for the future new world order society but it is what I consider the Rosetta stone of psyop staged events that they have to protect, again, because it specifically involves children and the players have the most to lose if and when they get caught. In the video below an innocent and potentially psychologically abused child spills the beans and tells Dr Oz that in fact Sandy Hook was a "drill".

And so the men behind the Sandy Hook curtain are tasked with protecting the story (think Lenny Pozner and company). This dark element of humanity, as mentioned earlier, lives and operates in secret, they intimidate and threaten anyone who questions Sandy Hook and they look to actually ruin your life all while Google's gmail service seems to offer them protection by keeping their known email related physical identities (of who hacked Independent media solidarity and now the recent bully intimidating Halbig writing from ) a secret and not reporting these criminals to the police and FBI for immediate prosecution. Under any normal circumstances both of these criminals would be charged federally and be facing many years in prison. In other words, as mentioned earlier, these criminals behind the Sandy Hook curtain who are acting like a new underground mafia seem to have the protection of the powers that be (think Germany's Gestapo) making them even scarier and more dangerous and this is something we all need to pay attention to.

Courtesy of Memory Hole Blog we can actually see what the latest Sandy Hook mafia threat against truth seekers looks like:

MHB has been unable to reach Halbig by phone for comment. The school safety consultant and former Florida State Trooper told us last week he was traveling to Newtown the week of August 22 to followup on pending Freedom of Information requests on documentation that would only further contradict how the Sandy Hook event transpired as reported by major media throughout the world.

On Saturday August 27 Halbig wrote this email to one or more unknown parties:

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, Wolfgang Halbig <> wrote:

I came home last night from Hartford, CT and I promised my family that I would remove my Sandy hook Justice Reports website.
It may take a week since I am not running it and I will have to pay the company to take it down or I will do whatever in exchange of you leaving my family alone.

In response a party calling themselves “Johnathan Reich” (apparently after the young man who was dragged through court for contacting Connecticut state coroner H. Wayne Carver II in early 2013) issued the following demands of Halbig, apparently under threat of harm or intensified harassment:

From: “Johnathan Reich” <>
To: “Wolfgang Halbig” <>
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2016 1:20:06 PM
Subject: Re: Please do not contact my family members again or their school superintendent and school board members.
Here’s what needs to happen:
1.Take down Sandy Hook Justice Reports website.
2.Take down any and all references/ photos that Avielle Richman is Lenie Urbina- that poor girl and her family are terrified of you.
3.Stop abusing and of Sandy Hooks Children or parents.
4.Stay out of Newtown. Never come here again. Ever.
You have until 3pm on Tuesday August 30th to remove posts on Avielle and the Urbina girl. That is tomorrow. 3pm.
You have until 12pm, Friday September 2nd to pull the sites down.
Your recent Facebook post is ridiculous. Unlike you, we believe children are sacred to us. We work to protect children. Nothing is more important than protecting children.
Your beautiful grandchildren have nothing to fear from us. You know this.
I personally hope that you decide to keep the sites up, and disregard our demands altogether. I really do.
You need to think very hard about how you are going to move forward. I suggest you meet with your family to discuss.
Enough is enough. Leave our families alone. Let us raise our children in peace.
Let us know your plans.
We look forward to your response.

Over the past two years Halbig has experienced significant harassment from parties involved in the Sandy Hook massacre event. This has included bizarre and sinister antics such as delivery of toy ducks with noxious substances sprayed on them.

Honing in on some of the players, one of the websites targeted by this latest Halbig stalker has posted numerous articles identifying the men behind the Sandy Hook curtain. The following narrative helps shine the light on some of these men. I've highlighted in bold some of the key players involved in the harassment of Halbig and others as well as some of the actions they've taken that everyone needs to know of. Click the link above to see the images of these men:

A group of individuals have been stalking and harassing Wolfgang Halbig and his associates. The purpose of this article is to bring light on certain individuals who have direct involvement or are accomplices to the stalking of a 70-year old senior citizen by a network of people who oppose Wolfgang’s view.

Starting around the time of Wolfgang’s hearing in New Britain, a shady individual was filming Wolfgang from the rooftop of a parking garage adjacent to the courthouse. Several objects were found on a journalist’s car when returning to it. Several of those same objects have been placed numerous times on Wolfgang’s property and on his doorstep.

In 2014, Wolfgang Halbig filed subpoenas to learn who was releasing defamatory material and stalking him online. The source of these activities leads back to a blog known as “Sandy Hook Facts” that is owned and operated by the lawfirm of McCormick Barstow and attorneys Jim Wagoner and Graham Van Leuven. As the stalking activities began, the blog changed its profile photo to the same object being placed on Wolfgang’s doorstep.

The first known activity of the trespassing and stalking began online at Sandy Hook Facts Google+ and on other websites operated under the control of the lawfirm, McCormick Barstow of Fresno, California. The stalking intensified when the blog changed its profile photo to a specific object and photograph. Within 48 hours, Wolfgang Halbig’s property was trespassed upon and an identical object was delivered to him. This object is clearly a calling card that was left by the criminals stalking Wolfgang Halbig and his family. The identical calling card was placed in the profile photo of the blog. Wolfgang Halbig has been consistently harassed and stalked in person and online.

The documented photos and postings confirm that they are the source of the objects being placed. The Sandy Hook Facts publication continues to post photos of residential properties of Wolfgang Halbig and his associates. That publications continues to also issue harmful threats stating that the objects were intended for exposure to Wolfgang’s grandchildren with harmful substances on them.

The lawfirm continues to post defamatory and harmful materials about Wolfgang Halbig to their blog. This lawfirm and the people within their network participate in the stalking of Wolfgang Halbig anywhere he travels and at his home property. Threatening packages have been mailed with these very same objects within the packages which had false identities being used to thwart investigation from authorities. One of these objects was sent to an elderly senior citizen in Connecticut which resulted in a law-enforcement investigation.

An associate legal representative known as “Charles Frye Law” has been cooperating with the lawfirm of McCormick and Barstow with their harassment of Wolfgang Halbig. This same “Charles Frye Law” entity has also been caught issuing official FOIA requests under this false identity. Numerous examples have been collected from two different agencies confirming these facts. The association of “Charles Frye Law” is meant to give the appearance of a valid legal authority. The Connecticut FOIA office knows this for a fact.

At this point, the group stalking Wolfgang and pursuing legal actions against him are three so-called attorneys, two who have been confirmed in the California Bar database as James “Jim” P. Wagoner of Fresno, Graham Van Leuven of Sacremento, and Charles Warren Frye of Stockton, California who appears to be impersonating an attorney.

The REAL Facts About Sandy Hook Facts HIDDEN From The Public

The harassment and stalking of Wolfgang Halbig and his family continues on. Previously, we saw that the obscure online identity known as “Sandy Hook Facts,” the network of people behind the blog began with the lawfirm of McCormick Barstow LLP of Fresno, California and Charles Frye of Stockton, California. After being repeatedly stalked online for over a year Wolfgang Halbig sought to take action against those stalking him and defaming him online.

A subpoena was issued to Google, in efforts to identify the perpetrators responsible. After posting several images of Wolfgang and his associates locations in person and home addresses, the once questionable activity of James P. Wagoner and Graham Van Leuven was now brought into the open. These attorneys responded by attempting to “quash” the subpoena by providing false information to the court. The weak tactic backfired and gave up the identity of the attorneys and gave up key information about the individuals responsible for defaming, harassing, and stalking Wolfgang Halbig.

When discussing why people would be interested in these type of cruel and mindless activities, you must understand the background to the situation. Around the times of the Sandy Hook School Shooting, many charities started soliciting donations from the public. Caring and otherwise honest members of the public donated money in good faith. The suspicious Sandy Hook fundraisers were created within 24 hours of the Sandy Hook School Shooting.

The purpose of this article is to bring attention to this new dark growing element of humanity that is bent on forcing you to shut up and obey the state and their ministry of truth mainstream media. It is also the intention of this article to purposely replicate this information already posted on other sites so that more people will become aware of this topic. They (the criminals working behind the scenes to protect Sandy Hook) are determined to physically impose their artificial reality on you and I. If anyone attempts to expose Sandy Hook they will ruin your reputation, get you fired at work, threaten your family or even threaten and kill you so that they can continue defrauding the general public out of millions of dollars over fake dead people. Anyone who thinks these behind-the-scenes players protecting Sandy Hook are just playing or confused while meaning well is sadly mistaken. This is a carefully planned operation against humanity and this is an information war that is getting more dangerous by the day. Now let's consider some solutions.

How to fight back

Realize that these criminals are fighting to stay out of jail so they are hiring people who will help them harass, intimidate and help discourage the truth about Sandy Hook from coming out. As I mentioned earlier, the problem these criminals face is that they are trying to control information in an era of wide open information. This is why today a lot of truth seekers are being murdered in the hopes of shutting them up. They are doing this because they know there is no other way to stop the truth. As I mentioned earlier, the information bottleneck is broken and the information about Sandy Hook cannot be contained. The truth is coming out and will continue to come out.

Therefore the most important way to fight back against this dangerous underground criminal element protecting the Sandy Hook lie is to share this information with everyone you know. By doing so, more and more people will know about these criminals and hopefully someone will break through and be able to indict these criminals and put them in jail for the rest of their lives.

Don't forget, the children of Sandy Hook are out there somewhere. Some are verifiable while others are not. Did you know that some even appeared in the 2013 Super Bowl game singing in the children choir? (see link above) You can also read more about this in Jim Fetzer's book 'Nobody Died At Sandy Hook' whose pdf file is available online for free and at

Wherever the rest of these children are today, let's remember they are victims in all of this as their images have been deceptively exploited in exchange for millions of dollars in donations. Are these children okay? Have they been sold out as sex slaves for the elite? Are they forced into mind-control programs? Have they had their names and identity changed and then brainwashed? These are questions we cannot answer and we may never know. We can, however, expose what we do know and help put all of these perpetrators in jail. Somewhere out there perhaps a frightened child is counting on truth seekers, counting on brave men and women who love humanity and truth and counting on researchers like Halbig and Fetzer and many others in the alternative media to expose this fraud so that they can be freed from the prison they live in which was chosen for them forcefully.

In order for this to happen we must take advantage of the information age we currently live in and the internet is our greatest weapon which is why they are trying to so hard to censor it. With all of this said I'm calling on webmasters activists to band together to help us replicate this information to get it in front of as many people as possible. Then and only then is there a chance that enough people will wake up and help break the machinery that is operating in our lives trying to control, oppress and enslave us both mentally and physically while they deceptively both empower and enrich themselves monetarily while establishing their new global order of permanent human enslavement.

Thanks for reading and if you agree please share this message with someone.


Bernie Suarez
Creator of Truth and Art TV Project

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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