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Posted 10-07-17

The Vegas Shooting Massacre- Big Picture For
Dummies- 10/07/17 Podcast Episode #13

Saturday October 07, 2017 Painting the Big Picture -Truth & Art Radio Podcast #13 with host Bernie Suarez of

This week I focus the discussion exclusively on the October 1st 2017 Las Vegas shooting massacre in which 50+ people lost their lives and hundreds were injured. My goal in this podcast is not to analyze every detail of the event and get buried in a vast amount of conflicting information but to instead apply the simplest form of logic and reason that most readily fits into the easily-recognized unfolding big picture in America today. What YOU think that "big picture" is then becomes the critical question only you can answer. This podcast is dedicated to helping others see what that big picture entails.

Stepping back and applying this simplified view of the overall picture will allow us to easily put the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting of October 1, 2017 into proper perspective and this will free our minds from readily available TMI (too much information) which leads to confusion, fear and learned helplessness.

Understanding and staying focused on the big picture will thus not only lead to clarity regarding current day Gladio-style events which aim to destabilize America and spread fear and civil unrest but this focus and clarity will save mental energy which will in turn promote mental wellness and even allow you to be a light and source of comfort unto others as times get worse moving forward in America. And yes, times will get much worse here in America because we are in the beginning stages of a history coup d'etat and overthrow of America including Patriots, Conservatism and all Western values. Stay tuned.