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Posted 08-19-17

This Antifa-ISIS Stunning Comparison Will Shock You!
Truth & Art Radio Podcast #6

Painting the Big Picture -Truth & Art Radio Podcast #6 with host Bernie Suarez of

This podcasts was recorded Friday August 18, 2017.

America is now under full attack by the Left. As I predicted months ago, the notion of civilian resistance is now more apparent and proxy armies are now emerging in the form of "Antifa" which claims they are against "fascism" as if anyone in the U.S. is "for" fascism. Left wing terror groups like Antifa are now being encouraged and promoted by the deep state's mainstream media and they are being funded by Soros and the deep state. These groups are designed to not only to push political propaganda and foster sentiment against President Trump and against America but to actually destroy the 1st Amendment and silence dissenting voices like the voices of Conservatives and Patriots. The recent Charlottesville Virginia event is just the beginning of the color revolution here in America which will only get worse if we don't recognize it and if we don't rediscover the Constitution and find positive solutions.

In this week's podcast we examine the Charlottesville Virginia attacks and consider aspects regarding the mainstream media reaction as well as some Anarchist angles. Also, we examine the current day coup d'etat occurring at the government level.