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Posted 02-10-17

This Freedom Message Is a Game-Changer

This very special message about freedom is not intended as an attack on anyone. Especially not Anarchists. I believe in many principles of Anarchy myself. It's a great idea. Why not free yourself from the state? Unfortunately however, that idea doesn't quite work so easily for everyone in today's world. We also have a system which has in it a rule of law which is very important for dispensing justice in the context of modern day events. I argue in this video that the function of the state among other things includes protecting things like the application of the US Constitution which is the very tool and measure by which justice can be served.

I argue that arriving at a point in history of critical mass Anarchy, if it ever happens at all will be a slow process not something that will happen overnight.

That said, everyone is free to make changes in their personal lives today that guides them toward a lifestyle of Anarchism. However a true Constitutional Republic is much more realistic and effective tool at a mass scale today. Corruption then is the real issue preventing the state from being what it was meant to be ... an institute run by and for the people not the other way around.