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Posted 05-22-16
Bernie on Trivium Cafe Radio Network

Bernie On Trivium Cafe Radio Network With Randal Kraus- 'Taking Off Da' Blinders

Randal Kraus, host of 'Taking Off Da' Blinders' on Trivium Cafe Radio Network interviews Bernie Suarez about mass mind control, the manipulation of the masses, the rising control grid and how the ruling elite are even manipulating the election process to suit their agenda just like they control other aspects of the news.

After interviewing with Kraus Bernie had this to say. "It's great to see other platforms bringing Truth and Art together. This is my vision of what we need to do to break through in a deeper and more meaningful way to the masses, especially the younger generation that is so impressed by art and entertainment. I like what the Trivium Cafe Radio Network is doing and I was very excited to interview with Randal Kraus."