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Posted 09-03-17

Trump Haters Didn't See This Coming!
9-3-17 Podcast #8

Recorded Saturday September 02, 2017- Painting the Big Picture -Truth & Art Radio Podcast #8 with host Bernie Suarez of

This week I discuss the various ways in which the Liberal Left Trump haters and their mainstream media have revealed their cards to America and the world as they continue to push identity politics, hatred, division, provocation, propaganda and victimhood while trampling on, America the Constitution, the rule of law, freedom of speech and much more. Among the reasons for the recent exposure of their divisive globalist agenda is the natural disaster in Texas and Louisiana as well as the recent exposure of 'Antifa' terror organization. In this podcast I also expose how many Anarchists are quietly in favor of this revolution against president Trump and how we must be very careful who we listen to. More than ever it is very important to think on our own and commit to focusing on the big picture.

Follow this new podcast for a new report every weekend recapping current events of the week. My goal is to expose and narrate the road to the new world order in order to bring more awareness and understanding of this process and to alert viewers of steps that bring us closer to this reality. With enough awareness I hope this will contribute to the prevention of this end game scenario. If you enjoyed this video podcast click the thumbs up button and share with someone.

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