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Posted 02-04-17

Trump Update: Beware, Military Industrial Complex Makes Huge Statement

Here in Los Angeles we saw about 2 weeks of blue skies following the inauguration of President Trump. Then this week starting Monday January 30th BOOM! All of a sudden the skies were attacked from horizon to horizon with the usual chemical spraying from planes high up. "Contrails" seized to exist for 2 solid weeks in the middle of January, then suddenly they exist again and plenty enough to white out our skies. wink wink.

Anyone still believing the ridiculous "contrails" myth is an enemy of truth or medically naive and disconnected from reality.

The main point of this video is that we should continue fighting and prodding President Trump to do something about the chemical geoengineering and modification of our skies. None of us signed consents to be sprayed and that makes chemical spraying programs by definition crimes against humanity.

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