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Topic 1:

ABC's of Chemical Spraying and
Geoengineering of our Planet


Straight lines and checkerboard Sky are fake, not real clouds. Fluffy white clouds are natural, they are not fake but real clouds. That's it!

Yes the truth is that easy!

For older kids who want to think about this issue more:

When you see a plane spraying the sky STOP and remind yourself:

A. 99% of ALL other planes flying in the sky at that moment are NOT emitting chemicals that change the sky for the entire day
B. Actual condensation trails from a plane are extremely rare, found only in very unique conditions and evaporate immediately. So why are you being asked to believe that these observed trails of chemicals that don't go away are really trails of condensation that don't go away and can happen anywhere, any time, and in any climate? Next time you hear someone talking like this, ask to see the secret government "experiments" where they claim that ice crystals from very select planes will stay in the atmosphere and "persist" regardless of the temperature and humidity in the atmosphere. Ask the next troll you run into, how can you recreate your own experiment to prove these claims and watch their reaction. If it sounds weird, it's because it is.
C. Have you ever breathed in the cold weather and watched your breath create a cloud of white that doesn't go away? Of course not. Condensation particles follow the rules of science regardless of where it happens and it disappears within seconds if it happens at all.
D. These specific planes have been seen making U-TURNS flying over the same spots spraying their chemicals. HUH? You might ask what kind of pilot flies a plane over the same spot over and over making U-TURNS? Yes, we ask the same question.
E. These planes are mostly seen flying outside of radar or without emitting a signal so that flight control towers and others can't see them on a flight detection software. Why are these planes flying undetected? Doesn't that sound weird?
F. Ask yourself why would government and mainstream media ridicule anyone who exposes these operations as a 'conspiracy theorist' instead of admiting they are spraying? A simple question you should ask is, what are they hiding?

Remember the first step in solving any problem is recognizing the problem. The government trolls and politicians claim they have secret scientific studies that prove that a normal plane can make lines in the sky that stay in the sky all day. They never show you the proof of these experiments instead they point to special reports (called 'abstracts') that support their claims. Those experiments don't exist and never will. That is why you were lied to about (cirrus) clouds in grade school and that is why the politicians on TV avoid the issue all together. Let's move on to the next topic.

Topic 2:

ABC's of 9/11 Truth

If you think the brick that falls directly to the ground WITHOUT hitting the table first will reach the floor first then you are correct and you agree with 9/11 truth science. This is easy and clear to see even for a kid like you. The reason the brick in case 'A' hits the ground first is because of the physical laws of science called 'Newton's Law' which says that when the brick in case 'B' hits the table it will slow down due to resistive forces provided by the table against the brick.Thus brick B will lose the race to the ground against brick 'A'.

Isn't 9/11 truth easy?

Let's consider some simple questions


If these questions sound silly then you get it. No, 2 planes cannot make 3 gigantic buildings disappear, a passport made of paper cannot survive blazing hot fire and if these two building pieces collided the larger piece (A) would survive the collision against the much smaller piece every time because there is not enough energy in the small piece to make the larger piece disappear and gravity alone cannot provide energy enough to overcome the energy stored in the larger piece. Big bus runs into tiny sport car and big bus wins! Congratulations, you are now a 9/11 truther but more importantly you agree with 9/11 truth science which the government hates. Wasn't that easy?

Okay, But Why 9/11 Truth?

Good question and the answer is that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks was the most important event in our lifetime. This single event is the reason for the creation of both Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). It turns out that neither of these organizations have ever actually caught a terrorist (can you believe that?) but both have harrassed American citizens in their own homes, on the road and in airports and bus stations all around the country since September 11, 2001. Furthermore, 9/11 was the reason given for both the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions. These wars were based on so-called 'War on Terror' which has also been the reason for destruction of the U.S. Constitution. That's the paper that secures your indivual right as an American to freedom and liberty. The wars you have been hearing about have led to the murder, illegal imprisonment and torture of millions of innocent people just like you, world-wide. None of these war crimes, and destruction of human rights would have been possible without the events of September 11, 2001. 9/11 was what is known as a '*false-flag' event. Remember this word- FALSE FLAG. It's when the government attacks it's own people then falsely blames it on a group of people or country that they want to attack. Imagine if you had a bully in your lunch room who punches your friend in the face and then blames you for it. Then imagine after falsely blaming you, imagine if he attacks you telling the teacher that you deserved to be attacked. This is what a false flag operation is like. For this reason it is important for every kid to realize what really happened on that day and be prepared to pass this knowledge on to future generations.

event is when one country attacks another or creates a murderous act and then turns around and blames their enemies. This false blaming of the enemy is then used as an excuse to attack or invade this enemy. This is why the plan to invade Afghanistan was already in place BEFORE September 11, 2001. Okay kids, now let's move on to the next topic.

Topic 3:

ABC's of Global Government Plans

Tyranny OR Freedom: Which one do YOU want?


There is a small group of greedy selfish super rich people who tell the politicians what to do. They control the Media, the Military and almost everything you see on TV. They created political organizations like the United Nations and NATO using wars from the past and these organizations are run by individuals whose priority is not to protect the rights of the people or the rights of other free countries instead their loyalty is to their global government agenda. Not to the constitution of the United States or any country or to any form of higher power, instead they declare themselves to be god and to hold the highest authority and power on this planet including the decision to let you live or die. Using the claimed powers of these governing bodies they are planning to control all forms of human freedom all around the world. Like the bad people they are, they operate by bribery, intimidation and fear. They want a one world government where their power will go unchallenged forever and human rights, freedom and liberty is a thing of the past. Anyone who wants freedom (to speak, to live, express yourself and thrive as a human being) is and will be treated as a bad person and a threat to their plans. This is the global government 'New World Order' plans. Do you think you can recognize it?

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