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Posted 01-28-17

Urgent! This Can Save America From Civil War!!
Please Help Spread!

In this video I share a simple chart which I shared with a local We are Change Los Angeles chapter and it easily explains how the current day chaos in America has been engineered. I really believe people need to look at this chart and the arguments presented and consider how this information explains a lot of what we are seeing today.

The easily manipulated Liberal Left has been completely co-opted by the ruling elite as they protest generic issues based on Edward Bernays style corporate mainstream media political propaganda. The anger is being fostered by many Soros funded organization in a carefully planned civil unrest which they hope to use to overthrow the government of the United Stats. All of it conveniently NOW that Obama the sorcerer and Hillary the wicked witch have been removed from the picture. No one should be fooled by this engineered civil war. We must spread this information before America descends into full on chaos and civil war.

If this message resonates with you please help spread this information before it's too late.