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US-NATO Geopolitical Theater, ISIS, Proxy Wars, WW3 Explained By Brandon Turbeville

Author and researcher Brandon Turbeville Interviews on The Kate Dalley Show KZNU, Utah- Turbeville discusses ISIS in great detail and the globalist well planned out takeover of the Middle East consistent with their PNAC plans, as well as the creation of Al Qaeda and the many other groups which all represent the same sectarian, terror groups with different names (Al Nusra, ISIS, Islamic State etc) which serve as assets for the greater plan. Plainly put, U.S. supports, trains and is arming and funding ISIS along with a number of NATO countries including the U.S., Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar. ISIS is a powerful tool for the new world order plans as admitted by released U.S. court documents and admitted by Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski.

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