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Posted 03-29-17

Dick Cheney's Stunning Declaration
Reveals Deep State Plans

Dick Cheney of all people has crawled out from under his hole and is publicly attacking Russia and feeding into the false and unproven "Russia hacked the elections" psyop created by Obama's CIA in December of 2016.

My main point surrounding this is that the days of Dick Cheney's opinions being blasted around the world must come to an end. His opinions are irrelevant and more importantly Cheney is a criminal and to this day was the president in charge of the U.S. along with Donald Rumsfeld on 9/11.

It's time for people to see this man for what he is. Not only is he the top suspected mastermind of 9/11 (along with Rumsfeld and others) but he is one of the leaders pushing the charge toward the new world order plans.

Realize once and for all as I'm saying in my recent article (below) that there is no difference between the Liberal Left and the war hawk Right wing Neocons. They are one and the same and both are trying to undermine the Trump presidency and Vladimir Putin because they see both Trump and Putin as threats to their new world order plans.