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Posted 03-23-17

The Truth About Anarchy In 6 Minutes

Is Anarchy practical today in 2017 in America? While the small-scale practices that Anarchy invites is always a good idea, that is, people should learn to be self-sufficient, and while Anarchism has many good fundamental principles, when you apply the Anarchist beliefs to today's world of Nation States specifically to life here in America where the rule of law and America itself are at risk of being overthrown by the ruling elite Anarchy becomes a problem.

This is the topic in a recent article I've written

The New American Revolution and the Anarchy Conundrum

My main argument is that in order to have true Anarchy (which I would love to see) we must first achieve a small government ruled by and for the people. Without reaching this primary goal Anarchy only risks being an asset to the ruling elite who are attempting to establish their new world order. The nation state is a threat to the ruling elite.

I ask Anarchist and others to consider these arguments.

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