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Posted 03-28-17

The Truth Hidden Behind the Alex Jones
"Apology" to Alefantis

In this video I briefly give my take on the Alex Jones "apology" to suspected pedophile James Alefantis.

With the emails revealed by Wikileaks demonstrating talk and behavior highly suspicious of pedophilia and child trafficking anyone critically analyzing this evidence for themselves can safely jump to their own reasonable conclusions without having John Podesta, James Alefantis, the mainstream media and others blindly declare that "pizzagate" is "debunked".

The ONLY way the evidence of pedophilia revealed in the Wikileaks could ever get debunked is AFTER not before a proper investigation by police and FBI. That investigation (as was pointed out by investigator Ben Swann) has never been done!

Everything else, including all the nonsense rhetoric repeated by Alefantis, Podesta and the rest of the psychos implicated in the Wikileaks emails is just lies, deceit, propaganda, BS and as I call it monkey business being ratcheted up by buffoons who think you are an stupid enough to believe their lies.