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Virginia Shooting Hoax - There's Always
Someone To Tell The Story

Special psyop interview with the latest false flag shooting crisis actor Vicki Gardner, posing as the sole eyewitness to the now long forgotten Virginia TV Reporter shooting of just a few weeks ago (August 2015). Notice how crisis actor Gardner repeatedly tries to tell the audience what the shooter was thinking. How could Vicki know what the shooter is thinking? She carefully fills in the gap of the story as if tip-toeing to make sure she doesn't make a mistake. At one point Greta Van Susteren seems to be leading her on how to answer the question. Watch Gardner's mannerisms, odd hesitations, peculiar facial expressions and nervous laughter particularly at the end. If you are not sure if this was a false flag staged crisis-actor event then watch the 2 takes of the murder that are available for anyone to view for themselves. Once you are convinced help spread this information and let others know that false flag crisis actor events are becoming the norm.