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Was the MH17 False Flag An Awakening For the World?

July 26, 2014
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez
mh17 awakening

It is now clear that the downing of Malaysian flight MH17 may have been the most quickly exposed globalist false flag operation ever. Literally within hours it was discovered that the now exposed YouTube video of the supposed Separatists discussing how they shot the plane down, which was supposed to have been proof of Russia's involvement was a fraud. The video was time-stamped the day BEFORE (July 16, 2014). After this, came other oddities like on-the-ground Separatists confirming that the bodies were not fresh. Then the stack of passport recovered that apparently resisted the explosion and fire that destroyed the plane itself. Then more damning evidence like the Ukrainian tower controller from Spain who confirmed the Ukrainian Military was under orders of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry and had foreknowledge of the downing before it happened. In a short period of time, evidence piled against the U.S. western mainstream media lying machine.

Will this (exposed) false flag attempt to push the world into World War 3 act as an awakening worldwide? Are nations and people globally now a lot more aware of government lies, propaganda and false flags to push us into an end of the world scenario? I believe so, and this last false flag may have had a greater awakening effect than we think. Particularly in light of the simultaneous genocide occurring in Gaza as Israeli war crimes against humanity continues to be exposed also in real-time.

Some think that perhaps the false flag downing of MH17 was intended as a distraction away from the genocide in Gaza and this may very well be true. The world will not tolerate crimes against humanity in the name of fighting "terror". The same "terror" groups funded by the U.S., CIA, Israel and other globalist groups. They (the globalist) need to establish their new world order of global tyranny and control and part of that plan is to eliminate all sovereign states. At this point Russia's non cooperation of the NATO/US/UK/Israel global gangsters is a threat to their plans, so we can expect a continuation of the Obama new engineered cold war.

The globalist need enemies and more wars to satisfy and fulfill their plans for global domination. Let us all come together and make their plans impossible. As a group, let us all (of humanity) resist their lies and propaganda. Let us all recognize that the western mainstream media has one goal and that is to support and implement the globalist new world order. They will lie and go along with any and all official narratives given to them from the White House. Recognizing this power and information structure is critical to being awakened and staying vigilant.

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