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The Most Desperate Pro-Government Rant of All Time?
Rachel Maddow lunatic "it's all conspiracies theories" Rant Memorialized

Keep this one for your grandchildren! Truth and Art TV is keeping a special place for this rant. Few moments in mainstream media history personify the desparation the government-media complex is experiencing than the classic Rachel Maddow lunatic pro-government rant where she lies uncontrollably, trivializes and reduces the global political awakening to nothing more than "conspiracy theories". She then completely ignores the (on record) weather modification and geoengineering programs long established by the U.S. governmment, rehashes the 9/11 'official story' and essentially tells her audience to go back to sleep. Maddow, naturally builds her argument on the usual, non-facts, non-reason, sarcastic vocal tones, boldface lies and wildly loose associations. Thankfully millions in America and around the world understand the impact and the agenda of the global government Maddow is speaking on behalf of, and are awakened politically. Consequently this ridiculous 'go back to sleep' talking point seems to have had the exact opposite effect.

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