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Posted 09-11-17

What Happened to 9/11 Truth?
Here Is the Answer- Podcast #9

September 10, 2017 Painting the Big Picture -Truth & Art Radio Podcast #9 with host Bernie Suarez of

This week I set aside the usual format of this podcast to discuss the September 11th 2001 false flag attack on America and what you need to know. Though I didn't specifically discuss it in this podcast it is worth noting that not long ago former CIA agent Malcolm Howard delivered an explosive 9/11 death bed confession that most people simply ignored. Howard admitted he was involved in wiring WTC 7 for controlled demolition. This testimony of course matches the observable evidence perfectly. Additionally, given what we know today, we shouldn't need a death bed confession to convince us more about what happened on 9/11. Science and empirical research guided by the scientific method which most truth seekers and activists simply don't understand should be all you need to arrive at a sound conclusion about what really happened on that day. As I discuss in this 9th podcast of Truth and Art Radio, this single anomaly and inability of people to clearly understand the science, the scientific method and to reason logically and soundly is the single most important factor keeping people in the dark confused and divided debating unproven theories and blaming nation states for the event.

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