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Posted 12-10-17

Who Will Survive Trump's Storm? Here's the Answer 12-10-17 Podcast #22

This week we examine and analyze deep questions about who will survive the "storm" that is now upon us. This, of course refers to President Trump's "storm" which is playing out against the deep state criminals, pedophiles and traitors.

As this now fully unleashed second American revolution progresses into 2018 who can you trust and why? What are the essential factors that will determine people's identity to either side- that meaning the globalists versus the nationals, the deep state cabal and its funded groups versus the Patriots who love America, Conservatives and people who still cherish cultural and religious moral values.

The definitive line is now drawn in the sand and today we discuss some of the details of this divide and what it means for you and I. We also discuss the "alternative media", the notion of being a "truther" and the importance of understanding what all of this means.