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Why L. Paul Bremer is a 9/11 Suspect

Details about 9/11 top suspect Paul Bremer revealed. Bremer, who would later become the Iraq "Occupation Governor", is highly implicated as one of the conspirators of the 9/11 globalist terrorist attacks. Bremer was CEO of Marsh Crisis- a division of Marsh & McLennan. Marsh & McLennan occupied the exact same floors on the North tower impacted by the plane (floors 93-101), which are the same floors which coincidentally got "fireproofing upgrade" just prior to 9/11.

Bremer was also director for a Japanese company 'Komatsu' which developed a patent in 1996 for a thermite demolition device. Thermite would later be used in the destruction of the towers. Bremer also cancelled his meeting at the WTC the night before and watched many of his colleagues perish in the towers while he went around several TV studios including NBC that very morning already selling the official story to the American public blaming Bin Laden for the attacks. Bin Laden of course, had been suffering from Marfan syndrome and was already dying of end stage kidney failure and would later die a few months later according to many sources.




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